US media: Li Keqiang breaks out of Xi Jinping’s shadow by repairing China’s economy

Chinese President Xi Jinping (front) and Premier Li Keqiang (back) at the opening ceremony of the National People’s Congress on March 5, 2022. (Reuters)

In the eyes of Chinese political observers, the head of the State Councilli keqiangcountry has been headedXi Jinpingmarginal states. Butwall StreetThe daily found that Li Keqiang was stepping out of Xi Jinping’s shadow. He once bid farewell to the National People’s Congress in advance, saying “this year is my last year as prime minister”, and when China plunged into the most serious economic dilemma in recent years, he sought to repair China’s economy. played a role. Potential counterbalancing force.

As China plunges into its worst economic crisis in recent years, Li Keqiang is urging Xi to roll back some of the measures that have driven China away from Western-style capitalism and partly contributed to the recession. given, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, according to the government. Close officers and advisors to policy makers.

Under the influence of Li Keqiang, the Chinese government has recently eased regulations on private technology companies, easing loan restrictions on property developers and home buyers, and in many parts of the country as part of Xi Jinping’s “dynamic clearing” policy. are in effect. Virus, these people said. During the lockdown, action was taken to help some construction companies resume production and work.

People said, 66-year-old Li Keqiang is also trying to influence in finding his successor. Li Keqiang is about to step down as prime minister in less than a year. Xi Jinping consolidates power and paves the way for them. Returning to power, Li Keqiang aims to find a prime minister who can again act as checks and balances.

China’s economy is struggling, and Xi’s relationship with Putin has left the country more isolated than ever; According to people familiar with the party’s discussions, many members of the party are concerned that Xi is putting ideology over economic development and that Xi is authoritarian in style. The frustration is expanding, creating opportunities for Li Keqiang and his supporters.

The French Broadcasting Corporation quoted Pei Minxin, editor of the China Leadership Observatory, as saying that in 2021, Li Keqiang received 15 times more newspaper headlines than in the previous year. If the trend continues in early 2022, Li Keqiang’s attendance is expected to almost double compared to last year. Pei Minxin analyzed that before 2021, Li Keqiang “didn’t really exist”, and now he “Better and look better”.

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