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US rumored to ban China from receiving advanced chip design software

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US technology news website reported on Tuesday (2nd) that the United States is preparing new export restrictions, which will govern the design of a new generation of high-end products.WaferThe required specific design software is exported to China, an essential tool for manufacturing the highest-end artificial intelligence (AI) chips.


The source said,BidenThe government has been considering an export ban of chip design software for several months, and has now selected a directiveMinistry of CommerceThe announcement of the new rules effectively regulates the export of design software required for the production of chips using Gate Full-Loop (GAA) technology. The matter is currently being reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget and is expected to be announced and implemented within a few weeks. The authorities aim to prevent the sale of such design software to Chinese companies pursuing AI applications, the people said.

When checked information from the White House and the Department of Commerce, neither responded.

William Rensch, senior advisor for international trade at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), said that, like running a marathon, if the United States wants to win, it has to run faster than China, or it will travel to China. “This is really a direct challenge to America’s technological leadership,” he said. “I think Biden has figured out that the best way is to face the challenge and run faster than the opponent.” “But in international politics and economics, the race is on. It’s okay to take them up.”

Once the new chip design software export ban comes into force, several important manufacturers of electronic design automation (EDA) software and engineering services will be affected, such as Cadence, Synopsis, Siemens, etc.

EDA is an essential tool for engineers designing wafers, helping to ensure problem-free on-wafer manufacturing. Yihua and Siemens did not respond to requests for interviews, while Synopsis said the company would not be in the U.S. Will comply with export controls. China is an important customer of these chip design software companies. According to information provided to the SEC, 13% of Yihua’s revenue in the previous quarter came from the Chinese market, and Synopsis 17%. However, it is not clear how much of the ratio is to GAA technology.

America is getting stronger and stronger to stop the development of China’s chip industry. Recently, semiconductor equipment makers KLA and Lam Research disclosed a notice from the Department of Commerce asking them not to sell 14nm process equipment to China. This class of devices is mainly used for the production of logic chips.



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