Thursday, August 11, 2022

US women’s basketball star Greiner sentenced to 9 years in Russia

American women’s basketball star Brittany Grinerpoisonsmuggling chargesRussiaThe judge sentenced him to nine years in prison.

“I request that Greiner be found guilty and sentenced to nine years and six months in prison,” prosecutor Nikolay Vlasenko said.

In court hearing the case in Khimki, a suburb of Moscow, Frasenko asked the judge to fine the 31-year-old Greiner 1 million rubles ($16,000).

Grainer found in baggage confiscated at Moscow airport along with materialMarijuanaHe was charged with drug trafficking.

Frasenko said Greiner “deliberately” walked through the green alley of customs to “hide” his cannabis oil, claiming he had nothing to declare.

Greiner, who won two Olympic gold medals in women’s basketball and the U.S. Won a WNBA championship in the women’s professional basketball team, played for the Russian team in her spare time. He was detained in Russia in February, days before Russian troops invaded Ukraine.

He has pleaded guilty to the indictment, but said he did not intend to break the law or use prohibited substances in Russia.


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