USA.- Commission probing the attack on the Capitol cited far-right groups Proud Boys and Oath Keepers

U.S.A.USA.- Commission probing the attack on the Capitol cited...

Madrid, 24 (Europa Press)

The United States House of Representatives commission probing the January 6 Capitol attack has issued five summons against far-right groups Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

Those mentioned include the leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tario, as well as Oath Keypress, Stewart Rhodes, among others. Dozens of members of both groups have been charged with reference to what happened on the day the lower house was preparing to confirm Joe Biden’s victory as president.

According to prosecutors, they all conspired to block the Electoral College process, although the two leaders have not yet been charged. However, the commission has also summoned Robert Patrick Lewis, chairman of the Praetorian First Amendment Group.

Congressman Benny Thompson, the commission’s chief, said: “We believe that the individuals and organizations cited today have relevant information about the acts of violence on Capitol Hill that led to this attack.”

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Dozens of summonses have been issued under the investigation so far, while investigators have collected nearly 200 pieces of evidence so far, according to information from the CNN network.

Extremists played a key role in the attack, especially the Proud Boys, who called in to cross the police cordon and enter the building. Dozens of members of the group are now facing charges for what happened.

Yet Democrats insist on linking former President Donald Trump directly to the violence perpetrated by these groups on Capitol Hill. Additionally, the State Department believes that Rhodes directed members of the Oath Keepers to the Capitol, where they destroyed government property.

Tario is currently in prison after pleading guilty to setting fire to a church bearing a Black Lives Matter sign. This fact would have kept him away from the Capitol on January 6.

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