USA: For the natives, Thanksgiving is a day of mourning

U.S.A.USA: For the natives, Thanksgiving is a day of...

Members of native New England tribes held a gathering on Thursday in the seaside town where the first English settlers settled not to give thanks but to mourn the world‘s indigenous peoples who endured centuries of racism and abuse Is.

The solemn observance of National Mourning Day in downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts, coincides with Thanksgiving in the United States, commemorating the infectious diseases and persecution that European settlers brought to North America.

“Native people have no reason to celebrate the arrival of the pilgrims,” ​​said Kisha James, a member of the Aquinah Wampanoag and Oglala Lakota tribes and granddaughter of Wamsutta Frank James, the event’s initiator.

“We want to educate people to understand that the stories we learned about the first Thanksgiving in school are all lies. The Wampanoag and other indigenous peoples certainly weren’t happily ever after since the Pilgrims arrived,” James said.

Pilgrims were English settlers who settled on the coast and founded the city of Plymouth in 1620.

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“For us, Thanksgiving is a day of mourning as we remember the millions of our ancestors who were killed by European settlers, such as the Pilgrims, who were not invited here. Today we and many indigenous peoples across the country Says ‘no thanks and no action,'” James said.

This is the 52nd year that the United American Indians of New England hosted the event on Thanksgiving. This tradition started in the 1970s.

Indigenous peoples and their supporters were to gather in the afternoon on Coles Hill, an elevation overlooking Plymouth Rock, which marks the point where the settlers arrived.

Participants will drum, pray and condemn what the organizers call an “unjust system based on racism, colonialism, sexism, homosexuality and the profit-driven destruction of the earth.” They will then pass through the historic city of Plymouth.

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