USA: Moscow must face consequences behind Havana syndrome

U.S.A.USA: Moscow must face consequences behind Havana syndrome

CIA Director William J. Burns in a file image. EFE / EPA / Michael Reynolds

WASHINGTON, November 25 (EFE) — CIA Director William J. Burns has “secretly” warned Russia‘s intelligence services that if they are behind the mysterious events known as “Havana Syndrome”, they will “suffer the consequences”, affecting US diplomats and the world. Full detective.
As published Thursday by The Washington Post, the warning was issued during Burns’ visit to Moscow earlier this month, citing diplomatic sources familiar with the matter but on condition of anonymity.
The CIA director raised this question with the heads of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).
Burns told them, according to the Post, that American personnel and their families suffering severe brain damage and other illnesses would be beyond the limits of acceptable behavior for the “professional intelligence service“.
According to the newspaper, the warning is not intended as a formal allegation, but suggests that the United States may suspect the involvement of Russian secret services in relation to these incidents.
The Post says neither the CIA nor the Russian embassy in Washington wants to comment on the matter, while Russia has repeatedly denied that it had anything to do with the incidents.
The main purpose of Burns’ visit to Moscow was to warn the Kremlin that Washington was aware of the accumulation of troops on the Ukrainian border and would not tolerate a military attack against that country.
More than 200 American diplomats and relatives stationed in various countries are suffering from symptoms of the so-called “Havana Syndrome”.
The origin and person responsible for these mysterious “attacks” is still unknown, although some experts suggest that radio frequency energy could have been used.
In addition to Cuba, where the first cases were reported in 2016 and 2017, similar incidents have occurred in China, Austria, Germany and even Washington.
The previous US president, Donald Trump, already in 2017 accused the Cuban government of using what US officials described as “acoustic” or “sound” attacks as an excuse for the then president to break up with a diplomat. used to work in Melt with the island.
However, an internal report released earlier this year showed that Trump blamed Havana without evidence, and that mismanagement and lack of coordination dominated his response to those alleged “attacks.”

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