USA / Taiwan. – Five US Congressmen landed in Taiwan to meet with the island’s government

U.S.A.USA / Taiwan. - Five US Congressmen landed in...

Madrid, 26 (Europa Press)

Five congressmen from the United States landed in Taiwan on Thursday to meet with officials from the island’s government as part of a visit by a US delegation that will visit more Asian countries.

“After celebrating Thanksgiving with US troops in Korea, I just landed in Taiwan. After stopping in Japan and Korea, it would be nice to join the leaders here to discuss a lot of economic and national security issues.”, Democratic Rep. Has detailed Alyssa Slotkin in her social networks.

Slotkin said the island is “the largest supplier of microchips” to the automotive industry, so it’s certain that “supply chain problems will definitely be on the agenda.”

On the other hand, the Democratic representative has pointed out that, following the announcement of his visit to Taiwan, the Chinese embassy in the United States was approached to try to prevent him from resuming the trip, and that the congressman’s gesture could spark the conflict between can feed. Beijing, Taipei and Washington.

Slotkin said on his social media, “Like the other stops, we are here to learn about the region and reaffirm America‘s commitment to our host, Taiwan. I look forward to an informative visit.”

The visit to Taiwan comes at a time when tensions between China and Taiwan escalated due to Chinese airstrikes on the island’s airspace a few weeks ago.

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In addition, United States President Joe Biden has recently invited Taipei to attend the Summit of Democracy, something that has generated criticism from Moscow and Beijing, which have been left out of the appointment.

In the middle of this month, Biden and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, held a virtual meeting in which China advised the United States whether to use Taiwan to “gain independence” or “to control China” of the island. To use is to “play with fire”. ,

In this regard, Biden pointed out that Washington has maintained its “commitments” to the region and is committed to a “free and open Indo-Pacific”, reiterating the importance of freedom of navigation and land to achieve “prosperity”. .

Taiwan is one of the issues that generates the most conflict in bilateral relations between the two powers, as the island, backed by Washington, condemns the continued overflight of Chinese military aircraft in Taiwan‘s airspace, which has been criticized by China. .

Beijing considers Taiwan to be part of its territory, even though it has been ‘de facto’ independent since the end of the Chinese civil war in 1959.

In addition, Washington condemns the “genocide and crimes against humanity” committed by Beijing in its suppression of Uighur Muslims and other minorities in the Xinjiang region.

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