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Utah teen stabs 18-year-old girl he met on Tinder, then attacks older woman

A deranged Utah teenager allegedly stabbed a girl he had just met on Tinder before casually stabbing an elderly woman on Thursday, officials said.

Kane Thomas Fairbank, 18, allegedly attacked the girl, also 18, after luring her to Mueller Park outside the city of Bountiful. The pair met on a dating app just days earlier, according to a release from the Davis County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a probable cause statement obtained by the Salt Lake Tribune, police said the pair, who had met in person, were in the park together for several hours when they suddenly “forced her into the car” around 6:30 p.m.

Fairbank allegedly stabbed the girl several times with “a stationary blade nearly a foot long”.

Police said the girl was able to fight back and track down witnesses who “helped create a barrier between Fairbank and the victim.”

Luckily, two nurses and an EMT were among the witnesses, assisting the victim while they waited for rescuers to arrive.

The teenager suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken to hospital in a critical condition, the Tribune reported.

Among the witnesses were two nurses and an EMT who helped the victim as they waited for rescuers to arrive.
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Fairbank fled the scene and drove to a gas station in Bountiful, where he abandoned the vehicle, police said.

He also threw the girl’s phone “in a place he didn’t think would be found” before continuing his violent rampage, according to arrest documents.

Fairbank approached a 64-year-old woman in another Bountiful neighborhood and allegedly stabbed her several times, according to police. The woman suffered life-threatening injuries.

The second victim fought back with the attacker, who was also assisted by witnesses as he fled the scene.

A “well-meaning person” who found him nearby detained him until he was taken into police custody, police said.

Kane Thomas Fairbank allegedly stabbed the girl several times with “nearly a foot long stationary blade”.
Davis County Sheriff’s Office/Tw

The two victims are in stable condition and are recovering in a local hospital.

Fairbanks told detectives that the stabbing was premeditated and he planned more attacks, police said.

He told police he planned to murder the first victim since he started interacting with her on Tinder.

Investigators wrote that he planned to live outside his car and proceeded to kill those “whom he believed to be vulnerable” who he believed to be the motive for the stabbing of the elderly woman.

According to the probable cause statement, the teenager “talked at length about killing his parents and siblings with a pickaxe” and told detectives that if released, he would go on to kill people he met on social media.

Fairbank is being held at the Davis County Jail. He was charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of aggravated kidnapping.

Jail records show he was being held without bail.

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