UTILITY COMPANY ESSMAR . They register serious disturbances after the intervention of

U.S.A.UTILITY COMPANY ESSMAR . They register serious disturbances...

On this 22 November, the Superintendent of the Public Service took over the Santa Marta (Magdalena) company in charge of Esmar’s water and sewerage services, It was determined that it was unable to guarantee service in the face of serious failures that occurred in the city.

The Samaritans themselves have complained for years about serious problems with access to drinking water, so much so that two areas had less than 10 hours of water a day, according to the same authorities in Santa Marta.

For this reason, it was determined that it was necessary to intervene in the company, something the workers and contractors did not like. Esmar who came to the facilities to protest. During the march, employees harassed the superintendent, Natasha Avendano, and asked to stop the intervention.

The most serious thing happened in the afternoon, when there was a face-off between the Janata Force and the protesters in the midst of the protest. According to Blue Radio, a Magdalena government official was injured.

“They come to take over the company for no reason and by chance enter into violence, attacking our allies when we are in peaceful protest as we defend a public service company from the Samaritans”An employee told the police station.

Company supervisor Armando Perez told Blue Radio that he was abused by police during Esmad’s intervention.

I came to give some papers and suddenly the men in uniform started beating me and also damaged my shirt.

For now, the former manager of ESSMAR Patricia Caicedo said it is a decision that only responds to the “politics” of Superintendent Avendaño.

With elections approaching and everything indicates that they want to favor the local political class, we are facing a measure with electoral intentions.

Following the excesses and attacks by the National Police against the workers, the governor of Magdalena, Carlos Cassado, the mayor of the capital, Virna Johnson, and the superintendent, Natasha Avendano, held a meeting in which the issue of ESSMAR was discussed in depth.

The governor of Magdalena assured that his government would fight against this new “run over” against the Samaritans and said that the water would not be stolen again.

“The Duke and his allies are not going to steal our water again as they did with Metrogua in the past. They are using national entities like SuperServicios to intervene in ESSMAR, a public company rescued from private hands attack the Samaritans”.

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This is the car that reached the public services company

exercising its legal powers, in particular Articles 293 and 294 of the Organic Law of the Financial System, Decree 2555 of 2010 and other concurrent Regulations.

consider that:

First. – that the Superintendent of Home Public Services (SSPD), through resolution SSPD-20211000720935 of November 22, 2021, took over the Public Service Company of the Santa Marta ESSMAR ESP district, to find out the reasons for the 59.1 configured points ordered. and 59.7 of Article 59 of Law 142 of 1994.

Second. – that in the above administrative act I was appointed as a special agent of the Public Service Company of the Santa Marta ESSMAR ESP District,

Third. – That in accordance with Articles 365 and 366 of the Political Constitution, domestic public services are inherent in the social purpose of the state as they allow for the general welfare and improvement of the quality of life of the population.

rooms. – That Act 142, of 1994, confers on providers of domestic public services certain powers and privileges, some of them relating to authorities, necessary to ensure the organization, operation, continuity, efficiency and effectiveness of the provision of public services. Huh. All residents of the national territory.

Fifth. – That the Providers act as administrative authorities when hearing requests, complaints and claims from users, in enforcement of the order of Article 2 of Law 1437 of 2011 and the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court.

Sixth. – That having regard to the administrative steps to be taken along with the intervention measure ordered by the Superintendence of the Constitutional Court. Sentence C-558 of May 31, 2001. Reporting Magistrate: Jaime Araujo Renteria. File:D3269

Problems of Domiciliary Public Services and Public Order presented today at the Administrative Headquarters of the Company, where the above petitions, complaints and claims are processed, ordered to suspend the conditions for its response from November 22, 2021 to November 26, 2021 goes.

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