Vacancia de Pedro Castillo: this is how politicians react to the request of Patricia Chirinos on social networks

U.S.A.Vacancia de Pedro Castillo: this is how politicians react...

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A meeting was held in the plenary session of the Congress and the women of Congress advance country, Patricia Chirino Placeholder Image, availed of the beginning of the session to present before The motion of vacancy on account of moral incapacity against the President of the Congress, Maria del Carmen Alva, of the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo,

“With the cries of the people united in one heart, by God, I come into this chamber to request the presidential vacancy of President Castillo. Here I have the proposal ready for the presidential vacancy. We need 26 congressmen. Signature needed. Fear not”The legislator said.

“President, comrades. Today I want to place an order for those Peruvian children who have nothing to eat and who can’t even go to school, for mothers who have no way of bringing their children bread It is for thousands of sick people who die from care in long queues of hospitals, for youth without job opportunities, for women suffering violence and orgy, for the pain of the victims of terrorism, for the desperation of the armed forces. And the police, for the dignity, pride and hope of those crying out for trouble., CWith the cries of people united in one heart, for God’s sake, I come into this chamber to request President Castillo’s presidential vacancy. Here I have a proposal ready for a presidential vacancy. We need signatures of 26 Congressmen. fear not”The legislator said.

Given this, many politicians have spoken out, either in favor or against, of Avanza Pace’s proposal to Congress.

Darwin Espinoza

Congressman from Popular Action, Darwin Espinozaexpressed their opinion about the vacancy offer proposed by Patricia Chirinos.

“Whether you like it or not, this government is democratically elected. While it is true that in a short span of time they have made big mistakes, but we cannot resort to the ease of vacancy as if it was a panacea to solve all the problems of the country. (1/2) “, Mentioned it on his official Twitter account.

Furthermore, in his formula he added the position that will take popular action on the proposal.

“bench off @PopularAction It responds to a democratic tradition that prevents us from supporting shortcuts that only generate political, economic instability and social chaos. (2/2) #work and stopwork,, Finished.

sigrid bazin

Congressman and former journalist Together for Peru, Sigrid Bazani Reflects his position against Pedro Castillo’s presidential vacancy.

,@PattyChirinos1 Announces the vacancy offer. The masks of the coup perpetrators are taken off. Peru needs stability, but a large opposition group prefers to sabotage the country.” adds up.

Patricia Chirinos

the author of the offer of the vacancy, Patricia Chirinos, He also spoke on his Twitter account confirming his decision.

“Peru can’t wait any longer. Presidential vacancy @ Pedrocastillo Because of moral incompetence it is an obligation in the face of crisis and instability created by a president who does not know how to distinguish between good and evil. between illegal and immoral. #VacanciaPedroCastillo, ” adds up.

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Secretary General of free peru and leading the trial of embezzlement, Vladimir Ceron, He noted his annoyance to the right.

“Indeed, even if the right wing denies it, presidential vacancy is on their agenda, they are only swayed by public opinion that most do not approve of such a measure, but that they are trying to overcome that obstacle.” working for.” He added on his official Twitter account.

Dina Boluarte

NS Dina Boluarte, Vice President of the Republic and Minister of Development and Social Inclusion Didn’t keep quiet on the presidential vacancy and highlighted the hashtag #Let’s work,

“President @ Pedrocastillo He won the election and according to the constitution his term is five years. Let’s not promote legal and economic insecurity. First are the rights of the most vulnerable, such as access to water, sewage, electricity, among others. #Let’s work, couple

Moreover, in the thread he called for the Congress to reflect. ,I ask Congress to reflect on working for a united Peru: we must all bet on the country the people have chosen us to solve the problems of the motherland. They didn’t give us a minute’s break from day one, but we won’t stop. We will continue day by day.” as outlined.

He ended up reiterating the interests of the Castillo government. “We have only one interest: to work for our people. President @ Pedrocastillo They do not have a minute without thinking how to solve the problems of the country, always from a social point of view. Respect the popular will and allow us to govern how we solve those problems”.

Guillermo Bermejo

Congressman from Free Peru, Guillermo Bermejo He also ruled for the vacancy.

“This is how the outrageous majority in Congress begins: a motion to vacate the president and a bill to revoke the right to a referendum by a Constituent Assembly. Do not pass, coup d’état!” he shared.

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