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Vaccines ineffective, making New York City public school children’s vaccinations difficult to implement this fall

There is still a long way to go before the vaccine is universally available for children in New York City. (taken from NYC Public Hospital System Twitter)

New York Cityagainstpublic schoolchildren’svaccineThe injunction, which is not expected to go into effect in the new semester this fall, is due to the fact that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet fully approved a vaccination program for children under 16. Granted, and the current Pfizer vaccine for children 12 years of age, the effect of the following children is not ideal and other factors.

Even though New York City public school teachers have long required vaccinations, students participating in extracurricular activities at high risk of virus transmission (such as sports, choirs, etc.) Eric Adams and Governor Hochu (Kathy Hochul) have expressed support for a vaccine mandate for public school students, but experts agree that doesn’t mean New York City will implement it anytime soon.

The main reason is that the FDA has not yet fully approved the new Children’s Crown vaccine, and the efficacy of the children’s vaccine currently seems unsatisfactory, so even though Pfizer is recommended for children between the ages of 12 and 15. The FDA is required to fully approve the vaccine. That’s out of date as of December this year, but the company has yet to file for full approval for its vaccine for children ages five to 11.

Adams’ public school vaccine mandate has also been pushed repeatedly. He has publicly stated that as long as the FDA receives approval, he should support the implementation of mandatory child vaccinations; But the current situation makes the timeline unclear for the mayor’s policy implementation; Last Friday (6th), Adams said a decision would be made in the next few weeks, and reiterated that his support for childhood vaccines would remain unchanged, but would follow the advice of the expert team.

Furthermore, the preservation of the current Pfizer children’s vaccine is also disappointing. In the outbreak of the new coronavirus variant Omicron at the beginning of the year, the Pfizer vaccine was only 12% effective at preventing infection in children, and it was only more effective at preventing older teens, according to research from the state health department. And hospitalizations, “this is disappointing, but not surprising, because this is a vaccine developed against an early version of the virus,” said state health official Eli Rosenberg.

Currently, the vaccination rate of elementary school students in New York City is not high. Only 46% of children aged 5 to 12 years are fully vaccinated. Compared to the full immunization rate of 80% of students aged 13 to 17, there is still a long way to go. Still a long way to go; And there are large disparities in vaccination between different communities and ethnic groups. For example, Asian children aged 5 to 12 have a complete vaccination rate as high as 99%, compared to 37% of white children; Manhattan children are 84%, Staten Island only 21%.

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