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With the ever-increasing demand for vegetable meat substitutes, Eclipse Foods wants to do what companies like Impossible and Beyond have done with hamburgers with ice cream. There is no doubt that it is. Prior to the pandemic, the company announced sales in New York and some retail stores in its hometown of San Francisco, but this time it will increase its sales locations through a partnership with a well-known retailer.

Founded in early 2019, Eclipse Foods has raised about $ 16 million, including funding from YC. In a previous interview with TechCrunch, CEO Aylon Steinhart seeks to differentiate himself from other vegetable foods by taking a simple approach to providing alternative food sources. , Said.

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“We are not using expensive biotechnology to achieve our goals,” he said. “We use world-class expertise in plant functional proteins and how they work to blend plants in a very simple way.”

Eclipse aims to more directly mimic dairy-based ice cream. “The partnership with Whole Foods Market, which is synonymous with retailers that offer high-quality products using premium ingredients, is a breakthrough for us to expand sales nationwide. That’s what Stainhart said in a news release.

Ice cream is first sold in some stores in Northern California.

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