Venezuela in Peru: how much does it cost and how long does it take to revalidate a professional title to practice a career in the country?

U.S.A.Venezuela in Peru: how much does it cost and...

Venezuelans wait at the Foreign Ministry in Lima, Peru (AP)

by Yuriko Cabeza / [email protected]

There are over a million Venezuelans who came here Peru Looking for a better future, according to statistics, 44% of them are professionals, who have sought an opportunity to pursue their professional career in the country.

infobe peru He spoke with Oscar Guzmán, director of the Economic Inclusion Project and representative of Voku in Peru, who resolved these and other doubts about how Venezuelan professionals have the opportunity to advance their careers and formally enter the labor market. Is.

After consulting you How long does it take to revalidate a professional title if you are from VenezuelaExperts say that “It depends a lot on the profession here in Peru. There are different steps that have to be taken into account. For example, a doctor would have to re-validate his title with listenu, then take your national medical exam, then do the tutoring process. It is very similar in the case of a business administrator. Now the time and cost largely depend on the revalidation of professional careers.”

“You have to keep in mind that revalidation of the title in Sunedu does not take much time, it can happen in a week. The point is that the national medical examination is only in the case of foreigners. twice a year And it is usually in person, but because of the pandemic it was virtually and it must also follow certain parameters. So, everything depends on Sunedu and his timing. It’s also very fast in terms of tuition, it’s just a matter of weeks”, he assured.

On what has been the most requested career in our country after the pandemic struck, Guzman assured that the field health and education most important during this 2020 and 2021.

“It is important to know that due to the issue of pandemic, the space for doctors, nurses, technicians, psychologists has increased a lot. Accountant Administrator. What caught our attention is that there is a great demand for teachers”, said.

“The idea is to support these professionals to advance their careers and formally enter the job market. We are not going to deny that this pandemic closed many doors, but it did It has also opened up, such as in the fields of health and education. The areas that did not stop were banking and technology. It is a very demanding sector now that everything is digitized and they are exploring the subject of virtuality a lot.”added.

As mentioned above, it can be inferred that Venezuelans coming to Peru, About 44% have come to the country with the intention of revalidating their degree and building a professional career, “Peru has a large proportion of professional Venezuelans who have great potential to bring great benefits to the country”, experts say.

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When asked how much it would cost Venezuela to re-validate its professional title, the director of the Economic Inclusion Project and Voku’s representative in Peru explained that while it varies, it could be between The price for the 350 soles is $1,300.

“It varies by profession. The first step is to revalidate the title with Sunedu, there the price is around 350 soles and that is the price everyone pays. In the case of doctors, they also get tuition and exams. Have to see, it can even go up to $1,300, it depends,” he indicated.

“Several demands have been made by Sunedu for Venezuelan professional titles to be recognized. It should be noted that Sunedu must hold a Venezuelan degree and universities duly registered, which confer a valid professional title. The professional title has to be motivated. Initially there were many obstacles, now there is more flexibility as the Venezuelan Embassy is supporting professionals”, necessary for Infobay Peru.

Before concluding with this explanation, Oscar Guzmán indicated that this economic inclusion project has a great projection to support and contribute to the expatriate populations of Venezuela and Peru by 2023, with the aim that foreign professionals have an income And almost all enter the labor market. formal way.

What documents must be submitted for professional title review?

– Identity Documents: Foreigners must present their passport, immigration card, temporary permanent permanent permit (PTP) or identity card.

– The original of the diploma recognizing the degree or professional degree: The title should contain The Hague Apostille. If the country of origin is not part of the Hague Convention, it must be legalized by the country of origin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru).

– Apostasy and legalization will be abolished if Sunedu can verify the authenticity of diplomas through access to a database of records of degrees and titles of foreign universities.

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