Venezuela reaches regional elections with Madurismo’s victory

WorldVenezuela reaches regional elections with Madurismo's victory

The damage list in Venezuela is inexplicable. GDP has fallen by 75% for the last eight years. NS PovertyAccording to unofficial statistics, it affects 74 percent of the population. The only thing that goes up is dollar economy prices. There is a shortage of water, electricity goes out, there are few vaccines to protect against covid and also the common sense of the opposition, which, by dividing again, has opened the doors of one Madurismo’s new victory In the regional election this Sunday. Only a miracle can turn that scenario around.

Even the sum of the problems and sufferings did not lead the opponents of President Nicolas Maduro to follow a common path in the elections. elections will be held for the first time in 15 years The European Union, a panel of experts from the United Nations and the Carter Center of the United States. There are 23 governorships, 335 mayors as well as city councils at stake. Women represent only 16% of the candidates who are at stake.

“Victory to the revolution is guaranteed,” he claimed god gave hairGovernment number two. “There is hope and we are resuming mobilization and organization,” said the rival. Henrik Capriles, one of the references to the Democratic Unity Table (MUD). The parties that created it abandoned their abstinence from the 2018 and 2020 contests, convinced that it was better to challenge Maduro for power through voting, despite some unfavorable electoral rules set by the state. However, it has not managed to bring together all the political expressions that want change in Venezuela or enthusiastically infect the population. Consulting firm Delfos estimates that 50% of those eligible to vote can stay at home.

the ghost of abstinence

NS Social Democrat Henry Ramos Allup, one of the leaders of the MUD, knows that only a massive participation can distort the outcome that Madurismo takes for granted. Voting, he said, “is the way to bring democracy to all homes in Venezuela.” Alp, however, recognized that a “perfect block” to fulfill that wish has not been achieved. The former president of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) regrets that the alliance with Voluntad Popular, the party he leads from Spain, has not come to fruition. Leopoldo Lopez and of which it is part Juan Guaidó, whom the United States still recognizes as the “president in charge” of that country, despite his limited internal influence.

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“Maduro, since 2013 the only attack against the elections by your dictatorship is stealing the right to choose from all Venezuelans,” he said. lopez, by confirming their disapproval of the contest. Guaidoz The same argument repeats itself. The former deputy has also severed ties with Julio Borges, a colleague of Primero Justicia, who accused him of handling the matter. Venezuelan assets abroad Which was confiscated by America. The lack of an entire opposition primary to settle candidates has also affected their electoral aspirations.

Dialogue and Dollar

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Elections are held when the dialogue between the government and the opposition is sponsored by Mexico and Norway, is stable again. NS Miraflores Palace He withdrew from the negotiating table weeks ago due to the extradition of Alex Saab to the United States, a Colombian businessman who is accused of being a front man for Maduro in a Florida court. The government considers him a patriot because Saab has contributed to the breaking of Washington’s economic sanctions against Caracas.

The competition also coincides with the reactivation of oil activity. The growth of that industry, along with some modest signs of economic flourishing in Caracas in the heat of the dollar, signals to some analysts that the disaster of the past eight years may be over. GDP will fall by only 1.5% in 2021, an absolute victory for a government that coexists with a 10 or 20-point fall.

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