Venezuela: They declare Pablo Monteiro a “persona non greta” for Nicolas Maduro’s birthday celebrations

U.S.A.Venezuela: They declare Pablo Monteiro a "persona non greta"...

(Photo: Twitter / @Nicolas Maduro)

pablo Montero He is in the eye of a storm after appearing on a private show that, neither more nor less, featured dictator Nicolas Maduro, as it was his 59th birthday.

Criticism for the celebration at the Miraflores Palace, broadcast on national open television, was immediate, even as one believed hostile to Venezuelan territory,

NS Organization of politically oppressed Venezuelans in exile (Wepex) announced Wednesday that it has declared the Mexican singer and actor a “persona non greta.”

“Pablo Monteiro, unfortunately, acts on him and associates himself with a man who is accused of drug trafficking, an investigation at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and the human rights of Venezuela.” is infringed,” Wepex wrote.

(Photo: EFE / Saschenka Gutierrez)
(Photo: EFE / Saschenka Gutierrez)

At the party held at the Miraflores Palace this Tuesday, which was broadcast by Venezuela’s state channel VTV, Montero interprets “Las Manitas” for Maduro, in addition to other songs such as the famous ranchera “El Rey” and “Alma Llanera”.

Wepex’s president, José Antonio Colina, said it was “a reprehensible performance just two days after an illegitimate election by the dictatorship” and recalled that there have been other artists who have “gone”. Appreciate Maduro’s international criminal like Steven Seagal, Bonnie Cepeda and Danny Glover”.

Pablo Monteiro’s Criticism of Wepex Adds to a Long List critical comments Towards the singer on social networks since she became known for her performance at the Miraflores Palace.

According to a press release from representative of Pablo Monteiro, reproduced by media throughout North, Central and South America, Mexican singer does not “interfere” in the affairs of other countries And as a performer he has “no party or flag except Mexican music.”

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“I do not intervene in conflicts that may exist in that sister country in this matter. I only wish that they may soon resolve them peacefully, for love i have for venezuela“The letter reads.

The singer closed his message published on Instagram, assuring that after going through difficult times, referring to the pandemic, will continue to work without stopping anything or anyone,

(Photo: Instagram / @reletalasopatv)
(Photo: Instagram / @reletalasopatv)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro celebrated his 59th anniversary with the song Las Mannitas at the Government Palace on Tuesday Performed by Mexican singer Pablo Monteiro And where other musical groups also presented.

Maduro said he was surprised by the entertainment because I was meeting with the officers When his wife, Cilia Flores, asked him to leave the office, he found a youth rap group in a garden.

After the group’s song and dance performance aired on state television, Maduro listens inside the palace. Llanera Music Singer and then for one salsa orchestra To make way for the Mexican actor who He gave her a black mariachi hat.

Monteiro thanked the “beautiful people of Venezuela” and congratulated the president, who celebrated his birthday last year with Dominican Merengue singer Bonnie Cepeda and formerly with the late singer and songwriter Juan Gabriel.

(Photo: Twitter / @Nicolas Maduro)
(Photo: Twitter / @Nicolas Maduro)

With information from EFE and Reuters.

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