Verawaty Fajrin Wins 12 Gold to Become Badminton Queen of SEA Games

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Verawaty Fajrin While active, she was known as the queen of badminton with many gold achievements in the world badminton . His phenomenal record was when he won 12 gold medals at the SEA Games from 1977 to 1989. Wow!

Collection of 12 gold medals made her ordained as the queen of badminton SEA Games. A record of achievement that is difficult to be repeated by Indonesian and Southeast Asian badminton players.

Remarkably, the 12 SEA Games gold medals were obtained by Verawaty Fajrin from three numbers; women’s singles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles and women’s teams. Verawaty presented six gold in the women’s team.

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Verawaty Fajrin’s first gold was presented in the women’s team at the 1977 SEA Games, followed by the 1979 SEA Games, 1981 SEA Games, 1985 SEA Games, 1987 SEA Games, and 1989 SEA Games. Verawaty won the second gold in the women’s doubles paired with Imelda Wiguno at the 1979 SEA Games In the final civil war, Verawaty/Imelda defeated Ruth Damayanti/Theresia Widiastuti with a score of 15-4, 15-2.

Two other gold from women’s doubles was presented by Verawaty at the 1981 SEA Games and 1987 SEA Games. In the 1981 SEA Games women’s doubles final, Verawaty and Ruth Damayanti defeated compatriot Theresia Widiastuti/Imelda Wiguno with a score of 15-13, 15-4 in Manila, Philippines.

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When appearing in the 1987 SEA Games women’s doubles final, Verawaty changed partners again with Rosiana Tendean. In the final match at Kuningan Hall, Jakarta, Verawaty/Rosiana also defeated their compatriots Yanti Kusmiati/Erma Sulistianingsih in three sets 17-14, 15-17, 15-10.

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Verawaty made Indonesia proud when she presented the women’s singles gold medal at the 1981 SEA Games in Manila, Philippines. Verawaty completed the women’s doubles gold medal by winning the women’s singles. In the final, Verawaty defeated Ivana Lie in three sets 6-11, 11-4, 11-7.

In the mixed doubles competition, Verawaty also presented gold at the SEA Games. Verawaty won two golds in the mixed doubles with her partner, Eddy Hartono. The Verawaty/Eddy duo was won by crushing compatriots Richard Mainaky/Yanti Kusmiati in two sets 15-9, 17-14. Another mixed doubles gold was won by Verawaty/Eddy after defeating their competitors Aryono Miranat/Minarti Timur at the 1989 SEA Games.


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