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Victims of stolen deposits protest against banks

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More than 30 Chinese people protested in front of a bank in Flushing on the 28th, criticizing the bank’s poor supervision. (Reporter Mu Lan/Photography)


Queens, New YorkflushingThere have been several cases since last year in which suspects used forged documents to withdraw victims’ deposits from banks, and some users have not yet recovered their losses; More than 30 Chinese people protest in front of a bank in Flushing On the 28th, saying that inEpidemicNo matter how much money, hard earned money to survive, it is not good to criticize bank supervision.

Video Source: Reporter Mu Lano

The protest was organized by the Flushing Community Watch and Mutual Aid team, with more than 30 protesters at JPMorgan Chase Bank opposite 39th Avenue and Main Street, describing “poor bank supervision, poor employee verification” and “too many banks”. shortcomings”. , , customer losses continue” and other signs for protest, the bank needs to respond positively to the demands of the customers.

Chinese Zheng Hongmei said that in August last year, two of his bank accounts were abnormal, and 6,000 yuan were withdrawn from Chase Bank’s account with false documents. He called the police and informed the bank, but it did not recover the loss till May. year.

As a nursing worker, her monthly salary is only 2,000 yuan. The pandemic has affected his livelihood. She hopes to get back her hard earned money as soon as possible. “This is my three months’ salary.”

Another Sunny Yang, who works at a music school in Rego Park, said the school’s business account was stolen from four branches last November for $25,000, a total loss of $100,000; My colleagues contacted the bank several times, she said, repeatedly stating that we haven’t received a positive response so far during the investigation, “My partner and I still understand English, what should other new immigrants do? ?”

Lisa Dong, who is engaged in music education, said her bank account was also stolen in March this year. The second time the other party used his Zelle online account to transfer an amount of about 1,000 yuan, complained to the bank, but was asked to transfer the money online. It does not belong to the purview of bank supervision and is powerless. “The amount of money isn’t huge, but I’m more concerned about personal information being stolen.”

Zhu Lichuang, leader of the Flushing Community Watch and Mutual Aid team, said since May of this year he had received several complaints from the public. Victims said that thousands of yuan to 100,000 yuan had been stolen from many banks, and some banks did not handle them properly, resulting in victims yet to recover their losses.

He called on more victims to contact Flushing Community Watch and the Mutual Aid team, launch a class action lawsuit, and jointly write a letter to the regulatory banking department to protect their rights.

In response, a Chase Bank spokesperson replied in a statement, “We encourage all customers to monitor their accounts in a timely manner, and if they find anything unusual, they should immediately contact the bank for help.” Should do; To protect people from fraud, you can log in visit https://reurl.cc/3oMWN0 for details”.

If other victims need assistance, Zhu Lichuang said that the public can contact through various channels, telephone (917) 767-0631.WeChatchu9177670631, email[email protected]Room 3F, No. 135-25 at Flushing 40 Road.

Zheng Hongmei’s (front row left) bank account has been stolen by others; On the right is Zhu Lichuang in the front row. (Reporter Mu Lan/Photography)

Criticizing the bank’s poor supervision, more than 30 Chinese people protested in front of a bank in Flushing on the 28th; The speaker was Zhu Lichuang. (Reporter Mu Lan/Photography)

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