video | “I’m not invalidating parental responsibility”: Carolina Ramirez defends herself after controversy over a trill

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A trill sparked a strong controversy on social networks in which Carolina Ramirez allegedly blamed women for the existence of male fanatics, feminists and abusers. However, it was the same actress who came out to clarify her words and explain the content of her tweet.

Trill quoted the following words:

“We must not forget that behind every abuser, abuser and/or murder of a woman, there is a mother. Matches and patriarchy should be abolished from upbringing. What are we doing to the maternity ward to change that?”, Carolina Ramirez indicated.

The actress took to her Instagram stories to clarify the situation to her followers and apologized for the misunderstanding.

“I’ve been reading comments and of course there will always be detractors, but especially in this case there are women who say it’s a very frivolous idea, because it basically says I’m blaming women. Am”The talented actress mentioned at the beginning of her explanation.

So he assured that was not the case and apologized to all the ladies who might have interpreted his words as outstanding and clarified what happened to his trill.

,I believe that parenthood has a great responsibility, but since we are talking specifically about women, I raised the issue of motherhood. Many mothers have had to face parenting due to the absence of their father. I am not invalidating all parental responsibility within parenting“added the artist to his Instagram stories.

In the midst of his words, he assured that there should be more men who assume parenthood than it is supposed to be, making it clear that he does not want to generalize that all parents have to stand with their children’s upbringing. went.

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,This tweet wants to talk about motherhood, because it always draws attention to how women abuse women from their role as sponsors of mothers, protecting abusers, MachirulosToday, right on the International Day for Men Against Violence Against Women, is the International Day we’re putting on the table”, ending with a heartfelt apology if at any point he felt his statements were only going one way.

Watch the full video of Carolina Ramirez’s statements here,

Although the actress’ statements have been circulating on social networks for a short time, the few reactions she has generated in some entertainment portals, which have already replicated the content over 3,500 replicas, received over 100 ‘likes’ and some comments. have been found.

“I love her”, “Totally agree with Carolina’s words”, “She is perfect”, “Oh what a beautiful lady”, “Totally agree, a lot of masculinity comes from the same house “She doesn’t have no idea of ​​need or a family member turns her back on you when needed”, “You can’t put your daughter in charge of household chores because she is a woman, male children too must contribute”, among others.

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