Video: Laura Londonno’s scathing reaction to criticism of traveling without her partner

U.S.A.Video: Laura Londonno's scathing reaction to criticism of traveling...

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hear about Laura Londono, the productions in which the talented actress has shown why she is one of the most loved by the audience, His most recent appearance was in the adaptation of ‘Cafe, con aroma de mujer’, which was broadcast on the channel RCN and when he played an impeccable lawyer in ‘La le del Corazon’ on the same television network.

After being absent from his social network for a few days, he decided to interact with his fans through the famous ‘question and answer’ box, which he called: “After many days lost…let’s talk for a while”, where the most curious dropped their questions for the actress, but one of them caught the attention of entertainment portals when she was questioned for traveling alone without her partner.

Faced with such a statement, the actress had no choice but to respond forcefully and this is what she said:

“What? How so? Well, well because he’s my partner and not my policeman, nor am I his policeman, which I don’t like the role, thank you. Only when I did Sergeant Diaz, I got to be a police officer.” liked, no thanks for the rest”, the actress said in her Instagram stories.

And he added a short text accompanying the clip that highlights: “Or rather, he is my partner because I trust him. If I did not trust, I would not be my friend”,

Watch the full video of Laura Londonos’ statements here,

The words of the actress created a stir on social networks and reactions in this regard were not expected, as the images were shared by entertainment portal ‘Rastrando Famosos’, which is responsible for copying the content that celebrities posted on their posts. spread through social networks.

The clip has garnered 33,000 views, over 700 ‘likes’ and a few comments, notable among which are the following:

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“blanks, they’re called blanks”, “who asked and who asked, they go to immediate therapy”, “very good answer because that’s not controversial, or anything like that”, “people some asks the question why they have to go out and answer to clarify everything, “What happens to those who want to kidnap their loved one? Suffers from emotional attachments that no one understands”, among others.

her reflection on motherhood

Throughout the process of being a mother: pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and everything else that this role involves, whatever feelings, experiences, worries, satisfactions occur between each period and the list can go on, of course Of course, everything makes being a mother equates to something complicated, not because it’s negative, but because it requires a huge number of things to perform. Actually, Tuesday, October 12 Laura Londonos He talked about a similar topic on his social network.

,Today more than ever, I have played many roles in life as an actress but being a mother it makes me think, reflect And given the uncertainty and apprehensions that arise in me, perhaps because I already know what it means, I look at it differently and I give it dimension. It is a task that though my hardest and I have worked my way through with effort and dedication, it overtakes me, challenges and even haunts me at times, I’ve never felt anything more difficult in life than being a mom and then having phrases like “she’s for men” or “you have balls”, etc., I really don’t like, How wrong are we!”

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