Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Video of Russian army shooting 2 innocent people in Ukraine exposed

Hundreds of bodies were buried in the Kyiv suburb of Irpin after the Russian withdrawal. (Reuters)

Russian soldiers on March 16UkraineA family on the outskirts of the capital KyivcarThe dealership shot dead 2 innocent people in cold blood, then ransacked the dealership, and sat there drinking and drinking comfortably.

CNN reported that Ukrainian prosecutors are investigating the incident as a war crime.

Video Source: YouTube/CNN

CNN has identified the victim, the owner of a robbed car dealership, but his family does not want his name to be released; The second is the 68-year-old security guard Leonid Oleksiyovich Plyats (Leonid Oleksiyovich Plyats). The Russian army searched both. After talking they turned and left. Soon after, two Russian soldiers stepped forward and fired at them and both fell to the ground.

For this CNN has visited RussiaMinistry of DefenceBut no response has been received.

In addition to shooting unarmed men in the back, the video also showed the unprofessional behavior of five soldiers. They entered the dealership and took off their bulletproof vest. One grabbed a fur hat from a shelf and put it on. The other two toasted each other and drank it.

Priez was still alive when Russian soldiers ransacked the dealership. He can be seen struggling for his legs, which looks like a tourniquet on his thigh, and limping back to his guard post to call for help.

Though volunteers reached the spot to exchange fire with the enemy, Priyaz lost his life due to excessive blood loss.

Car Ukraine Ministry of Defense

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