Violence escalates on the northern frontier after the capture of the “Jaguars” of the Sinaloa cartel: cartel rearrangements are predicted

U.S.A.Violence escalates on the northern frontier after the capture...

Andrés (C) and Brian (D), relatives of the LeBaron family, went to the state of Sonora (Mexico), to leave flowers at the site of the massacre. EFE / Luis Torres / Archive

Mexico’s northern border is experiencing one of its most violent moments since its occupation Francisco Javier Arvizu Marquez, Surname Jaguari, the spin-off leader Sinaloa Cartel, In late October, Chihuahua officials announced a suspect suspected of a criminal, allegedly linked to a family massacre. lebaron Which killed 9 people in 2019.

Journalist Hector de Moulon says the situation of violence, serious in itself, will escalate because of the said detention, as it leaves the leadership in the region blank.

According to intelligence documents, the mission of A type of animal Involved in stopping the advance within the Sinaloa Cartel. Line yo New Juarez Cartel, in the border area between Sonora and Chihuahua, without him, La Linea could enter and seize the area of ​​activity of the subject, such as the municipalities of Madeira, Zaragoza and Cuautémoc and Bavispé in the Chihuahua and Aguaprita region, in Sonora.

In the latter state, violence intensified over the weekend due to clashes between hit men and security elements. On Saturday, a man identified as 23-year-old Aaron Francisco Carrillo Areola lost his life, a collateral victim of a shooting, as well as at least nine people killed by organized crime.

On 23 October, a jaguar was detained next to three people during a confrontation in Chihuahua.

Last July, officials reported that NS A type of animal ran for the fourth time in 2021, after hours of effort Largo Medral, Under his command, the hawk managed to alert the criminal organization and fled all gaps and roads with difficult access to the border with SonoraWhere they blocked the way with vehicles.

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according to research, Francisco Javier Arvizu disputes the area in which the Bavispé massacre took place In November 2019, while his enemies Juarez Cartel’s La Linea, took part in a confrontation to heat up the square and murder innocent people of a Mormon family.

NS Jaguar, the group led by Francisco Javier Arviju, belonged to the line five years ago, as he is recognized as the successor Louis Barragan, 20, But internal disputes led him to align with Sinaloa Cartel, NS A type of animal will respond to the interests of the Sinalone faction operating in Aguapreeta, Sonora, Controversy lies over Chihuahua Drug trafficking routes through Casas Grandes,

Coming into the drug war, Francisco Javier Arvizu Marquez begins the process of eliminating rivals In which it includes killings of police related to Rekha. his brother, Jorge Arvizu Marquez, was lobo, He was Arrested in Madrasas in February last year and is currently under judicial proceedings.

Previously, local media reported that NS A type of animal He was rescued after the authorities managed to arrest him at Aguaprita on January 13, 2020, Officers were forced to abandon him at a gas station on the highway from Caneia to Hermosillo. The security convoy was allegedly stopped by 20 trucks and a large number of hitmen who took their master,

Francisco Javier Arvizu Marquez is about 40 years old and originally from Ignacio Zaragoza, Chihuahua Municipality. climbed into Sinaloa Cartel From 2016. walls, a cell that operates within the range of sonora, is positioned as a provider of financial, strategic and operational support to Jaguar. At least, until the boss’s arrest

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