Visual Puzzle: Do You Get a Fifth Baby? you have fifteen seconds

U.S.A.Visual Puzzle: Do You Get a Fifth Baby? ...

Try to find the boy hidden in the picture. You have only 15 seconds to solve this logical puzzle. Photo: Liebig Company.

NS viral test broadcast on social networks like Facebook, Twitter it is included instagram, And in many cases they serve to know our personality. Do you dare to solve the below test? It is simple and will give you many surprises. something new this time A puzzle. What is this about?

Now this is a viral challenge where there is a picture of four kids but one is missing, where is it? That’s why you should test your eye and vision, finding it in fifteen seconds. you dare?

Try to find the boy hidden in the picture.  You have only 15 seconds to solve this logical puzzle.  Photo: Liebig Company.
Try to find the boy hidden in the picture. You have only 15 seconds to solve this logical puzzle. Photo: Liebig Company.

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If you are here it is because you have given up or, perhaps, you have managed to find the hidden child in the image. If it’s the latter, then you belong to that special group of 1% of Internet users who can solve logical puzzles. If the opposite happened, we invite you to review the solution below.

Here we leave you the child's location hidden in this visual puzzle.  ,  Photo: Liebig Company
Here we leave you the child’s location hidden in this visual puzzle. , Photo: Liebig Company

What is a viral challenge or psychological test?

Carl Gustav Jung He is one of the key figures in the early stages of psychoanalysis, also the founder of the school of analytical psychology, also known as complex psychology and deep psychology. This is how Jung became famous for his study and analysis of dreams, which led to a greater understanding of people in their ‘psyche’ state.

in his work, ‘psychological type’, develops its ideas about the existence of the “two” attitudes” (extroversion/introversion) and performs four functions such as thought, feeling and sensation and intuition. It refers to itself for the first time as an object of mental development. Is.

In this way he picks up on the various psychological types that led him to study people using personality tests as a basis or, as it is currently known, viral challenges that make you learn more about yourself while solving them. allows.

Jung continued to support the theory that it was about mental processes. But he went a long way and made a theory of personality on the basis of this element. To do this, he divided the psyche into three fundamental parts: the self, the individual unconscious, and the collective unconscious.

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Origin of personality test

psychology of tests Developed a complex of theoretical procedures for the registration of mental properties, which have retained their validity to the present day. Famous psychologist Cattell McKean (1890) recognized as the founder of clinical trials, because with his Libro ‘Mental Testing and Measurement’ He is the one who has had the greatest impact on law development.

cattail, who also introduced the concept of ‘testing’, wanted to register the whole personality through a series of 10 simple experiments, naming the strength of the right and left arm using a dynamometer, the speed of response to tonal stimuli, 10 Associated speed. color, etc.

These experiments and many of his students’ investigations related to them were not very useful because they were based on a very primitive conception of the human psyche. Each individual trait of the individual is examined separately, but what is examined is not sufficient to represent the individual uniqueness of personality or to represent one of its essential aspects.

It is understood that at the time of the predominance of elemental representations in psychology, the purpose of the psychoanalytic record of man’s personality was the examination and accumulation of isolated elemental functions.

What are logical puzzles?

Logic puzzles are hobbies or games that involve finding the solution to a puzzle, discovering the hidden meaning of a phrase through intuition and logic alone. It is not based on possession of some knowledge. The difference with riddles is that they present the riddle in the form of a poem and are generally aimed at an audience of children. They are mostly used in humorous form.

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