Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Vomburger starts with goal, San Lorenzo wins within hours

Among the various paths to winning football, there are two very obvious paths: dominate opponents until the results are uneven or seek and hit until the difference is visible. San Lorenzo will have a lot to doAdmit that he has nothing, but he knows that by throwing himself into the second option, he can pull off a win against an opponent as complex as Argentina’s youth team today.

During the first 45 minutes, Bijou owns property but is harmless as the effects of the cyclone are well Failed to drill down to generate local clear scoring conditions. real, Battle of Augustus He’s a posh audience with little distraction, he just picks up a couple of centers (nice).

Without the ball, Insa’s men took the opportunity to force the usually risky Argentina away, leaving space below. Using that formula, San Lorenzo has a big chance: First Adam Barrero sends the ball to Ranzilotta’s post after Maroni and Ceruti’s combination, then Poggio tries a return pass that is too long for the number 9 and ends up brushing the post .

Cerutti’s afternoon in La Paternal.

Supplement continues in the same way, seeking to stand out and find an anti-savior who can come up with it. really, Although not caught, the cyclone has a clear chance of turning again, In which Berrero failed again: Cerutti landed, the Paraguayan defined on Lanzilotta, but Villalba took it over. It wasn’t the scorer’s afternoon, and he was replaced by Reguizamon minutes later.

The Cyclones are a humble looking team. This is reflected in the coach’s strategy, who is aware of the team’s limitations and manages it to the best of his ability. Because most importantly, when the eighth game of the game seemed to be over, Legui gained momentum on the wing and sent him inside, so Andrés Vomberger hit the first ball 1-0, pretty much the only one Someone who can hit the ball. He touched her debut. The conquest of San Lorenzo.

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