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Walgreen Drug Store Was Bought for Zero Dollars and Took 4 Hours to Call the Police

Last weekend, a group of brazen thieves ransacked a downtown Walgreens store and cleared merchandise from the shelves.Although it issan franciscoThis is nothing new, but the police did not start investigating until four hours later and their efficiency still surprised everyone.

Thieves attacked the Walgreen’s drugstore at Market and Ninth Streets, once known as “the worst Walgreen’s in San Francisco,” on Sunday evening, the 1st, according to a report by KPIX TV.EasterAt approximately 4:30 p.m., seven masked robbers entered Walgreens Pharmacy, headed straight to the beauty section and put items into black bags.

A KPIX producer was shopping in the store and filmed the entire process with his mobile phone. Store employees, security personnel and customers did not interfere with the robbers’ actions.

It is known that in April last year transgenderAfricanBanquo Brown was shot and killed by an on-duty security guard while robbing another Walgreens store in San Francisco. He was unarmed. After the incident, Walgreens security was very limited in dealing with this type of robbery.

The KPIX producer, who did not want to be named, said the off-duty time on Easter Sunday should be pleasant and relaxing, but on the contrary, he was shocked to see looters snatching goods at will without regard to the law. Nearby citizens. This is the reality. To break, smash and plunder in life.

What’s even more shocking is that the San Francisco Police Department responded to the incident only four hours after it occurred. The police department’s statement on the incident revealed that police received the report at 8:38 pm that day, a full four hours after the incident.

KPIX said that after police arrived at the scene, the pharmacy was closed and no one reported the crime. It is unclear when police received the call and whether pharmacy customers and clerks immediately alerted police. But according to current information the police arrived after four hours.

Matt Dorsey, a city council member, was a spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department. He said the police department needs more funding to deal with all the issues and challenges facing San Francisco. “If we have a fully staffed police station, we can set up a dedicated robbery squad to increase law enforcement in areas where theft occurs frequently, robbers can be held accountable and the sale of stolen goods can be countered.”

A nearby security chief said that there have been a large number of thefts in the area and many businesses have been abandoned as a result.

According to statistics, 17 Walgreens drugstores have closed in San Francisco since 2019, the most recent of which was the Financial District store which closed in February this year. While many of these were announced to be closed by the chain after excessive expansion, whether commercial piracy was the primary reason for closure is still a matter of debate.

Since 2019, 17 Walgreens drugstores have closed in San Francisco. Schematic diagram, not the diagram described in the article. (Photo from the archive of this newspaper)

Seven masked robbers break into this Walgreens pharmacy.  They broke into the beauty section and put the products into black bags...
Seven masked robbers break into this Walgreens pharmacy. They broke into the beauty section and put the products into black bags. (Provided by KPIX unidentified staffer)

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