Wanda Nara and Susana Jimenez went to see Mauro Icardi play and were left with a will

U.S.A.Wanda Nara and Susana Jimenez went to see Mauro...

,you are and you will be number one“, wrote wanda nar on his Instagram account Susanna Gimenezzo, And they published a series of photos in which they were both seen previewing the match in which Paris Saint-Germain beat Nantes 3 to 1. Then he added: “Thank you for teaching me to always be a better person in every conversation. You are an example of a woman, a great man,

The publication, apparently, was replete with likes and comments. one of the latter zaira, who wrote along with several fire emoji: “I love them, how are blondes ”. male mother, nora colosimo, when adding next to the heart: “Unique”, However, both the businessman and the diva had given up on the desire to watch the drama. Mauro Icardi, who remained on the substitute bench.

Wanda uploaded stories with Susannah during the match. “How nice that you are here friend”, put a photo of both of them. And then he shared a video in which he is seen drinking alcohol from the stall. “But why? Is it because they are winning?Asks Diva naively if she sees fans celebrating. And the media explains that yes, PSG was winning.

At halftime, meanwhile, Diva says that Icardi’s team was winning 1 to 0. And he assured that there should be a goal dedicated from Mauro to his wife, who was in the company of two daughters of the marriage, francisca I isabella, But the forward not only scored goals, but also did not get the opportunity to enter to play in this match.

Susanna’s visit belongs to what is touted as “the most anticipated note of the year”. And the interview he’ll do with Wanda is neither more nor less After her marriage crisis with Icardi, in which eugenia China suarez Controversy was syndicated as the third. The meeting between the Diva and the media will be presented in a preview next Tuesday at 9:00 pm. by Telefe, which can then be viewed in its entirety on the Paramont+ platform.

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Susanna reached the French capital two days ago after taking part in the cycle Worldwide Next to marley, And he shared some pictures of how that mythical city is preparing for the next parties. “Look what the Christmas decorations are at Galerie Lafayette in Paris”He wrote next to a postcard in which he poses with a sophisticated Santa Claus. And then he showed a giant Christmas tree.

In her stories, the diva also published a picture with her work team, in which she was seen sharing a meal with the image consultant. Marcella Amado and producer Federico Laverino And luisito sela, ,Talking with your team about Tuesday’s schedule”, he wrote next to the image in which he is beaming with joy.

Susannah in Paris (Instagram)

Much has been said about how Susanna and Wanda will meet. In fact, the diva carried the caliber of the note before leaving Argentina. “What am I going to ask you? Does everyone want to know!”He told me to board his flight. However, he clarified that he did not intend to give any suggestion to the media. “I don’t give advice to anyone because I don’t like being given”, said.

With regard to the scandal the country talked about, Susanna tried not to establish a position by the businessman or China, “I’m more friends with Wanda, but…”He said without completing the sentence. And then he mentions the women’s relationship with Icardi before the scandal was made public, which Nara is most upset about. “They are not friends. I don’t think they are friends. Known yes. We are all known in the environment”, is considered a diva.

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