Saturday, November 26, 2022

Wang Xiaofei heard a court ruling and shouted again that Big S cheated four years ago

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Wang XiaofeiToday, I received a court decision through an arbitrator. The Taiwanese court agreed with him to guarantee the 1.625 million Hong Kong dollars he withheld from his ex-wife.big sEnforcement procedures for claims. Wang Xiaofei gets angry again and scolds Big S for being unfaithful to her earlier in their marriage.

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Wang Xiaofei posted a document disclosing the amount of the guarantee deposit to be paid for the first time. He didn’t understand why it was denominated in Hong Kong dollars, but he didn’t want to talk about it. After changing the subject, she continued by posting another article scolding Big S for being unfaithful earlier. She edited the article several times, writing, “It turns out you guys got together in 2018.” Although this part has been taken over by Big S’s current husbandth juneThe explanation was fake news, but Wang Xiaofei didn’t want to believe it at all, and continued to post out of control.

Wang Xiaofei edited the article several times. (courtesy of weibo)

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