Wants to keep grandchildren… Indian couple sued relatives and children and paid 650,000 yuan for not having children

a pairIndiaThe couple recently brought their biological son to court, demanding that the son and his daughter-in-law have a child within a year, or else they would have to pay about $650,000 in “compensation.”

Sanjeev and Sadhna Prasad said that they had used their lifetime savings to raise their son,EducatedHe became a pilot and had a lavish wedding for his son, and now they are hoping to receive the prize.

“Our sons have been married for six years, but they have no plans to have children. If there is a grandson who can be with us, at least our pain won’t be so unbearable.”

The Times of India reported today that Prasad is seeking 50 million rupees as compensation, which includes the cost of a wedding banquet at a five-star hotel when his son married his wife, of an $80,000 Limousine, and son and daughter travel- expenses for a honeymoon outside the in-laws country.

The couple reportedly spent $65,000 to send their son to the United States for pilot training, only to return to India without a job.

“we are compelled”loanCome build your house, now we are in financial trouble. It was also quite disturbing psychologically as we lived alone. ,

Prasa couple’s counsel Arvind Kumar said that the court will hear the matter on 17th.

Traditionally, Indian society has been dominated by extended families, where several generations of grandparents usually live in the same family.

However, this trend has changed in recent years, with young couples more likely to move out of their homes and not be with their parents or siblings, and women focusing on staying home and raising children. prefer to go to work instead of doing it.

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