WATCH: Red Sox utterly screwed up by dreaded strikeout call

Boston Red Sox fans probably won’t be too fond of the MLB umpires after they received a decidedly botched strikeout decision.

Go ahead and add Boston Red Sox fans to the list of those unhappy with the performance of some MLB referees this season. There seem to be a few different instances this season where referees have messed up a call, and this is just one.

Boston had two outs in the Red Sox’s 6th inning against the Atlanta Braves. In what was supposed to be a walk, that would give the Red Sox a 4-3 lead over Atlanta, but the referee called the strikeout, despite the fact that the ball was a little too close to the dirt and actually became a strikeout.

This is the very questionable strikeout in question here.

If this looks bad, it’s because it sucks! Certainly not good!

Boston Red Sox fans right to be incensed after shocking strikeout

The Red Sox and their fans have every right to be outraged by these shenanigans. This messy strikeout call is pretty bad, and the MLB umps should be better than that, but they clearly aren’t.

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And Red Sox fans were not happy either.

Of course, robotic umps are a very important topic right now.

What a mess.

Seriously, there is no reason for this to happen in baseball at this level. Add this to some other examples of referees making fairly obvious mistakes, and things seem to go bad! They shouldn’t be so bad!

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