Water problem? 11 nurses pregnant at the same time in a Michigan hospital unit

At a hospital in Missouri, 11 nurses were simultaneously pregnant in the same unit. (courtesy from facebook)

A surprising coincidence happened in a hospital in the United States. There were 11 doctors and nurses pregnant at the same time in the same unit, and some even had due dates on the same day, so they decided to set up a group to support and connect with each other. However, many staff were afraid of being “infected” with the pregnancy, and even began to suspect that the hospital had water problems.

According to Good Morning America (GMA),MissouriAt Liberty Hospital in Missouri, 10 nurses and a doctor were pregnant simultaneously. Hannah Miller, 29, a postpartum nurse, said in an interview, “Everybody makes fun of whether the hospital has water problems.” Many nurses don’t really dare to drink water in the hospital anymore, and start to bring their own water bottles to work.

Doctor Anna Gorman, who is pregnant with her second child, said she was quite surprised, “I think it’s really weird because we’re all in the same unit, and it’s possible that our population ratio is going up.” It’s not like that. It’s so exciting when so many people are pregnant at the same time.”

Most pregnant workers are nurses at birthing centers, so there are currently at least two pregnant nurses in each shift at birthing centers, and there have been cases where all were pregnant during the shift. They hope to give birth in time to the place where they work, saying that they have developed a deep bond with each other because of this shared experience.

Kristen Burns, 26, found out she was pregnant, and this is her first child. “I think being in this group and having someone by my side gives me even more hope for it.” Another nurse, Cheyenne Beatty, echoed, “It’s really helpful, especially to get a lot of advice from coworkers who’ve had kids before, or just engage and care for ‘your butt. Does it hurt too?” And so on.

With their third child, 29-year-old birth nurse Alex Atcheson said, “I think we’ll have a lifelong bond, babies are born at the same time, and we’ll be able to support and get through the pregnancy.” from together. The process is really great.”

What’s even more incredible is that the due date for Alex and his 30-year-old colleague Alison Harrell is also May 27. “Alex and I already knew we were going to give birth on the same day, and we started making lists for each pregnancy,” Alison said. More and more people were added to this list over time.


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