Weight loss: These exercises are a great way to lose weight for those over 60 years old.. | Weight Loss Exercises That Are Good for People Over 60, Know How to Do

HealthWeight loss: These exercises are a great way to...

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Weight loss: There will be fatigue and persistent tiredness after weight loss. Being overweight puts a lot of pressure on the internal organs and increases the risk of heart and kidney problems. In addition, the risk of joint pain also increases. That’s why doctors say that the elderly should control their weight. There will be fatigue and constant tiredness after weight loss. The first is that their metabolism is not correct. The second is that they do not do strenuous exercise to lose weight. They should choose some simple exercises that help them burn calories. Let’s know about them.

1. Yoga
Yoga is a low-impact exercise. It helps in burning calories. Increases mobility. For those trying to lose weight in their 60s, there is no better exercise than yoga. Doing yoga daily helps the elderly to fall asleep at the right time. There is no stomach problem. The mind is calm. It also does not have much effect on the joints.

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2. walk
Walking is the best option for people over the age of 60. Running increases joint pain, which increases the risk of injury. So it is better to walk. It helps in burning a large amount of calories. Keeps you active Walking 30 minutes a day gives you a good shape.

3. Pilates
Pilates is a great exercise for weight loss. It is an exercise that involves extending one’s legs and arms. This will reduce back pain and burn calories.

4. Body Weight Exercises
Exercising can be difficult for people under the age of 60. That’s why it is good to do body weight exercises. This means that squats, lunges and breathing exercises are best. Resistance band exercises can also be tried.

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