Home USA News What are you doing?The Chinese man was in the car but a tow truck crook took him by force

What are you doing?The Chinese man was in the car but a tow truck crook took him by force

What are you doing?The Chinese man was in the car but a tow truck crook took him by force

According to”san franciscoThe San Francisco Standard reported that a tow truck tried to tow a car that was being driven by a man in downtown San Francisco. After the video went viral on the Internet, San Francisco police said on the 11th that they were launching an investigation.

Harry Cho, who was driving the car, told the “Standard” that he and his wife Joan were going out to run errands on the morning of the 9th, when they encountered a yellow “specialty towing” trailer attached to their 2017 car.toyotaCorolla tried to reverse from the front. Thanks to the quick thinking of the driver behind him, Cho backed up and gained enough room to successfully maneuver around the trailer and speed onto Montgomery Street.

The San Francisco Police Department confirmed the incident on the 11th and said in a statement that there were no injuries. No one has been arrested yet and the incident is still under investigation.

The Standard contacted Redwood City towing company Specialty Towing. An unnamed person said she was unaware of the incident and said her towing company was completely different from the towing company suspected of trying to pull cars off the road, which was “suspected of other criminal activities.”

Specialty Towing & Recovery and its subsidiaries Auto Towing and Jose Towing were recently suspended by the city of San Francisco after city attorney David Chiu charged company owners Abigail Fuentes and Jose Badillo with combined annual revenues of $2 million. Who is still applying for welfare benefits, suspected of fraud.

The city Attorney General’s Office sued both companies for illegally towing multiple cars from a bank parking lot in San Francisco’s Portola neighborhood without the owners’ permission, limiting vehicle recovery time and paying owners cash to get the vehicles back. Also accused of forcing him to do so.

Qiu Xinfu issued a press release on February 6 this year, saying that the car towing company deliberately misled people and defrauded people of hundreds of dollars and illegally towed their cars, making it difficult for people to get them back. Done.

But,CaliforniaCalifornia Department of Transportation records show that the tow truck involved in the incident on the 9th belonged to another company, not the one that was banned from doing business with the city of San Francisco.

Cho said he and his wife are fine, but talking about the incident was still shocking and caused a bit of psychological trauma. But the key to making them feel more comfortable is that the entire incident was captured on video by a passerby and shared on Reddit. “When we called 911 and went to the local police station, they didn’t believe what we were saying,” Cho said. No one will believe my car if it gets towed, okay?”

“Honestly, it was just kind of the wrong place at the wrong time,” he said. “I didn’t expect something like this to happen, especially in a tow truck. It’s very strange.”

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