Wednesday, July 6, 2022

What if Royfalls Seeks an Abortion in California?

Jacobson’s Planned Parenthood Chapter has launched a program to cover accommodation and travel expenses for patients seeking abortion. The state legislature is proposing to create a similar program at the state level as part of a package of 13 bills to facilitate abortion in California.

According to the Gutmacher Institute, a research team supporting abortion rights, if Roy were to step down, the number of women outside the state in California would increase from 46,000 to 1.4 million through a recent abortion provider.

This number does not include women who have a clinic near their home, but choose to come to California because there are fewer barriers to care or because clinics near them are crowded. In other words, it does not take into account whether Texas women choose to come to California or not.

Brandon Richards, California’s Planned Parenthood spokesman, said: “We know that most people in the United States choose to fly instead of driving, especially when abortion services are at risk.”

But there are still some people who can’t go to California or other abortion-friendly states.

Before the epidemic, Dr. Moira Rashad traveled regularly from the Bay Area to Phoenix for abortions. In Arizona and elsewhere, she said, women who want abortions are more likely to be poor, making it harder for them to make time or move to California.

“These laws always have a big impact on the grassroots,” Rashad told me. “We expected this to happen as the matter went to the Supreme Court and it is still very damning.”

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