What is the difference between social clearing, basic clearing and dynamic clearing? Shanghai’s answer

An egg cake shop in Xincheng Road Street in Shanghai’s Jiading District has recently resumed business. Shanghai’s acting deputy mayor Wu Qing said on the 13th that Shanghai’s current goal is to achieve a “social zero” by the middle of this month.

Shanghai proposed the goal of achieving social zero in the middle of this month, so what is the standard of “social zero”? Is there any difference between the “social aspect that is basically cleaned up” and the “social aspect that is dynamically cleaned”? Wu Qing, the acting vice mayor of Shanghai, said that in conjunction with the current round of ShanghaiEpidemicBased on the reality of megacities, the evaluation criteria for “social zero” and “basically zero social” were refined and clarified, based on the opinion of experts and other parties.

The so-called “basically clearing the social aspect” refers to the administrative area as a single unit, including the containment zone, containment zone and non-closed-loop management of social mobility and other social aspects. The number of positive infections is decreasing and the risks are controllable. There may still be a very small number of positive infections every day, but if the number of new cases in a single day for 3 consecutive days is less than 1/100,000 of the total population of the region, it can be assumed that the “social aspect is fundamental.” has been thoroughly cleared.”

If the number of new additions in a single day for 3 consecutive days is zero, it can be considered a “social zero”.

As for “clearing the social dynamic”, this means that whenever a local epidemic is found, it will be extinguished in time. The goal is to quickly eliminate infected people in the society, by quickly cutting the social transmission chain of the epidemic. achieved.

Wu Qing said that as China’s general policy of epidemic prevention and control at this stage, “dynamic clearing” is not a search for absolute zero infection, nor is it necessary that there are no positive infected people at the site of the epidemic. But emphasizes that positive infected people in society can be dynamic and timely. The key to clearing the ground is to maintain the bottom line that the pandemic will not have a massive rebound.

Wu Qing pointed out that achieving “social clearing” means that community transmission of the epidemic has been blocked, which is an important condition for gradually unblocking and restoring normal prevention and control. Restoring normal production and living arrangements, and gradually entering the generalized prevention and control phase of social dynamic clearing.

Wu Qing noted that public places of all kinds should be deployed as soon as possible to enforce regulations “location codes” or “digital sentries”, which are collected, posted, scanned and inspected every time they are scanned. should go.epidemic preventionAt that time, the citizens of Shanghai are also invited to actively cooperate with the inspection work.

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