What is Uruguay’s tempting plan for Gallardo to lead the national team?

U.S.A.What is Uruguay's tempting plan for Gallardo to lead...

Gallardo is AUF Plan A (@RiverPlate)

operative sleep Marcelo Gallardo Be the coach of the Uruguay team, he has already been active on the other side of the Rio de la Plata. Members of the Executive Committee of the Uruguay Football Association (AUF), standing behind its president, Ignacio Alonso Labato, unanimously selected the current River Plate coach as the great candidate and plans to seduce him. In fact, there may have already been contact with the representative of the millionaire strategist.

After AUF firing Oscar Washington Tabarez, the celestial leaders proceeded to obtain the replacement of artist, who led the national team for 15 years and led his team to the last three World Cups (in South Africa 2010 they reached the semi-finals and finished fourth, something that Mexico had not done since 1970).

But the poor tie for Qatar 2022 ended with the 74-year-old coach being ousted. Uruguay are today seventh in the table with 16 units outside the repechage zone, one less than Peru. In the remaining four games, he would tour Paraguay (01/27), local against Venezuela (02/01) and Peru (03/24) and define his fortunes in Santiago with now direct rivals Chile. . (29/03).

How is Uruguay’s plan? as reported ESPN, the AUF thinks that Gallardo is the right person to lead Uruguay because of his consensus among the executive committee and the public. Furthermore, he feels that Gallardo’s name will soften Tabrez’s departure. It is the only name that manages to unite the required consensus.

Uruguay is out of the repechage zone in the qualifiers (REUTERS / Manuel Claure)
Uruguay is out of the repechage zone in the qualifiers (REUTERS / Manuel Claure)

There was still no direct communication with the coach, although there was with his representative and he would offer a one-year contract from January 1, 2022 until the end of the Qatar World Cup. The focus of trying to woo him is that he will be closer to his country, he can count on a chance to lead in the World Cup, and the AUF promises to pay him the maximum he can.

In addition, an important point that is always of interest Napoleon, which is to manage all football, as in Nez’s unit where his team oversees the lower divisions. In Uruguay they would offer to take responsibility for all teenagers.

In theory, the objective is these four qualifying matches, repechage (if you must play it) and the World Cup in Qatar. Then try to woo her another four years.

luis bruno The leader of the Nacional de Montevideo, now in City Torque, maintains good relations with Gallardo and his representative and acts as a link between the parties. It must be remembered that the doll played and retired hand band, And it was also the first team he led in the 2011/2012 season, when he won the title in the neighboring country.

Gallardo debuted as a coach in Uruguayan football and was champion in his first attempt (@FilialNacional)
Gallardo debuted as a coach in Uruguayan football and was champion in his first attempt (@FilialNacional)

On the other hand, according to TIC SportsIt was Ignacio Alonso Labat himself who contacted Gallardo’s representative, Juan Beros, who would have proposed. Even the top leaders of Uruguayan football will not be ready for Plan B until they can defuse the Gallardo issue.

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While Gallardo will have to accept the offer he is a coach he likes more day by day and not just the fact of being a coach, a role in which he must wait for international dates to make contact with his own. Managers.. However, after the River Plate (1-0) win against the Platens at this Sunday’s press conference, Doll He was blunt when asked about it.

In addition, Gallardo expressed his desire to lead the Argentine team at some point and made it clear that he never received a call from the AFA to be able to handle the national team.

In Uruguay, AUF leaders stated that “our dream is Gallardo and our reality is Diego Aguirre.” If the “Operativeo Gallardo” does not prosper, then the Libertadores 2011 runner-up, along with former coach of San Lorenzo and Pearol, is Plan B.

Aguirre directs Inter de Porto Alegre today and when asked about his country’s selection, he replied: “i didn’t get any call, I have nothing to think about except Inter. We have to categorize into direct vacancy (by Libertadores). I am completely focused on finishing these games well and confirming the classification,” he said in a previous press conference, according to Uruguayan media. applause, Inter Brasileiro are eighth on the table with 47 points, 5 behind Bragantino, the last of those joining Libertadores today. There are four dates left.

For now, the AUF will be prepared to wait for a response from Gallardo until the current professional league is defined, where River Plate is one step away from being consecrated. Doll This is plan A and they have already activated it. Even then, From Nez, he is confident that the advisor will remain at Bandi’s head for another year.,

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