What to know before heading to Mount Whitney?

However, up to three-quarters of the problems in the process began to arise. The sound of our feet in the snow kept us away from the markers in our GPS app. The wind intensified, the snow blew over our tracks, threatening our ability to easily retreat,

Not only that, we went straight through the fresh, steep snowfield and we were well equipped with enough food, and warm and first aid kits — we had no safety equipment if that happened. , A growing common cause of death in hikers.

Delaying and postponing our scheduled turnaround time. Finally, we reached the summit and immediately flew into the air. Combined with height, it can be difficult to breathe even with a mask. We were also cool with down jackets and windbreakers.

We were very close, so we moved on. But conditions got worse and we wasted more time. Finally, a few hundred yards from the lake, our final destination, We decided to turn around.

As we descended, we crossed the pedestrian crossing. Some are simply arranged or level. He dismissed our warnings about bad weather.

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