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What was Musk trying to say when he posted photos of a “Twitter funeral” and a picture of a skull?

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in a new waveTwitterAfter the employees left, a large number of tweets emerged on this social platform on the 17th with the hashtag “#RipTwitter” (Rest in Peace Twitter), and the new boss as well.muskA picture of a “Twitter funeral” was also posted, along with an illustration of a skull and bones. What’s really going on?

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Financial news website TheStreet reported that Musk may use this to say to those who are pessimistic about him and Twitter’s prospects: “(Old) Twitter is dead, (New) Twitter is alive!”

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After the world’s richest man took over Twitter, he not only fired half the staff, but also told the rest to work hard or leave. Thing.

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Musk wrote in an email to employees: “In the future, to build a successful Twitter 2.0 and succeed in a competitive world, we must do everything possible. That means longer hours and higher intensity. Only those who do well will pass.” perform.” He also attached a link to an online form, which requires employees to fill out the form within a limited time to decide whether to stay, and a three-month severance for those who choose to leave. will receive.

While Musk wants the number of people who choose to leave to be manageable, he sees a growing number of people deciding to move away, which could pose a risk to Twitter’s operations and the platform as a whole. After a period of chaos, Musk decided to temporarily close the Twitter office as of Monday, the 21st.

Voices criticizing Musk were immediately raised on the internet, and the hashtag “#RipTwitter” also became a hot topic on the Twitter platform, indicating that many users believe that Twitter is struggling to survive after losing a lot of talent. bound to do.

One Twitter user tweeted initial condolences and farewell to friends: “It’s been an honor tweeting with you for the last 13 years. RIP Twitter (#RIPTwitter).”

Another user wrote: “Elon Musk turned a great site into a big hole on the internet in a month. I’ll never want to hear anyone by that name again unless its called an idiot. RIP Twitter Specific.”

Another said: “Hey, this is the end. Bye everyone. Rest in peace Twitter.”

Kasturi apparently saw this too, and jumped into the condolence thread without hesitation. He recently posted a picture of a funeral and put a picture of Twitter’s little blue bird on the gravestone, as if it were a Twitter funeral. Soon after, he posted an icon of a pirate’s skull and bones in another tweet.

Earlier in a more serious tweet, Musk suggested Twitter would survive because it has top-notch employees. His tweet read: “I don’t want to be a mob, but we have one chance to keep Twitter alive…” He added: “The best ones will stay, so I’m not worried.”

Mark Hulbert, a columnist for the financial website Marketwatch, pointed out in his comments that corporate culture is very powerful, and it is not easy for a new CEO from outside to rapidly reform a company’s internal culture, which includes routines, values ​​and habits. , Even if the new CEO is extremely smart and has a profitable strategy for the company’s future, to paraphrase the famous words of business management guru Peter Drucker: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Hubert believes the chances of Musk turning Twitter into a profit are slim. Since Twitter is already heavily in debt and constantly losing money, Musk must act quickly. Success depends on Twitter’s internal culture. But early signs suggest that Musk has had a violent struggle with the Twitter culture, and that changing the culture is not a matter of mass layoffs, but will take time to adjust how employees interact with each other.

Huber said Musk spent $44 billion to buy the unprofitable mediaThe company’s eagerness to prove that making Twitter “bankrupt” is one of the options on the table could be a way for Musk to acknowledge that the chances of success are not high.


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