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The most fascinating time of the year is upon us. No, it’s not the holiday season that is about to begin. It’s AWS’s annual user celebration, “re: Invent,” starting next week. This conference is a news-filled event with lots of new features and products being announced. For AWS, it’s also time to bring together presses, customers, partners, and other stakeholders to party in Las Vegas. In 2021, a new taste has been elaborated.

It was held as a virtual event in 2020 due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but in addition to returning to Las Vegas in 2021, it will take the first re: Invent under the direction of new CEO Adam Selipsky. ..

Jeff Bezos has announced that Jeff Bezos will retire from Amazon CEO and become chairman of the board, and former AWS CEO Andy Jassy will replace Bezos on Amazon. After being promoted to CEO, he came from Tableau in early 2021 and became the new AWS CEO.

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Management’s chair-picking game has come to an end, and Mr. Seripsky will give the main keynote at this re: Invent, but it will be difficult for him to replace his predecessor. Mr. Jassy had the mysterious ability to organize his company’s vast product catalog in his head and improvise how all of them were connected. It’s not easy to do the same thing.

However, Jasie said in an email informing employees that a former Tableau executive would be his successor, pointing out that Seripsky has his own personal strengths.

“Adam will bring strong judgment, customer centricity, team building, demand generation, and CEO skills to the already very strong AWS leaders, and he once spent 11 years at AWS. Because I was in such a senior position, I have a good understanding of our corporate culture and business. “

That’s certainly all the case, and the company he’s currently taking over dominates the market, but despite such success, Seripsky put his mark on AWS, There are also signs that you may be ready to tweak your way of doing business.

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For example, Bloomberg reported last week that Seripsky is looking to use Microsoft and Google’s cloud strategy books to focus more on industry-specific solutions. .. Under Jassy’s control, he avoided such a strategy, preferred a more holistic approach, and left the specific response to his partner.

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Seripsky may have been convinced that this is also a good option for AWS, as Salesforce, who had been with Salesforce for a short time after Tableau was acquired by Salesforce, preferred an industry-led solution approach. .. But more than that, it’s not clear if he intends to change AWS under his command. Maybe I’ll try to change something next week, or maybe I’m looking for something that isn’t broken yet and that doesn’t need to be fixed.

When I asked for advice to Mr. Seripsky, some industry insiders answered immediately.

According to Holger Mueller, an analyst at Constellation Research, the first thing I would like to advise Seripsky is to make AWS’s ever-growing range of products simpler and more scoped. It is said that it will be reduced to a catalog. “CTOs are trying to avoid solutions that rely on developer ingenuity and provide a platform where version numbers and roadmaps connect dots,” Mueller said.

Second, Mueller suggests a more enterprise-friendly approach to selling the cloud: Google and Microsoft, or IBM and Oracle. He also suggested hiring experienced business executives if possible, as Google has done, especially from Thomas Kurian, CEO from Oracle in 2018, and SAP in 2019. He gave examples of names such as Robert Enslin, who took office as president of Global Cloud Operations.

Patrick Moorhead, founder and chief analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, makes several different recommendations. He suggested raising the stack and embarking on the development of more SaaS applications to compete with Google, Microsoft, Adobe and others. In addition, we want to expand into hybrids where competitors are trying to take the initiative.

That said, AWS is still extremely successful, with revenues of $ 16.1 billion in its most recent quarterly report. But in an interview with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang last week, Seripsky himself hopes this success will last forever as these great competitors are chasing his company. He says he can’t be at peace.

“It’s really important that we continue to act as if we were rebels and not behave like incumbents,” Seripsky told Chan.

Anyway, at this re: Invent, Mr. Seripsky will be the first face of AWS to make a main keynote speech. Although reporting to Jasie, Seripsky himself will emphasize what he considers important to keep this profitable sector growing. We’ll see if that’s going to make a big difference next week.

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