What would happen to dogs if humans disappeared from the earth?

U.S.A.What would happen to dogs if humans disappeared from...

We live in a time where we love to enjoy the company of our loved ones while we wait for the pandemic to end. Changes in our habits and routines have allowed us to spend more time with cocky people at home, whether they are dogs or cats, and of course, other species as well that can be raised domestically.

Who is considereddog lovers‘It is difficult for them to imagine a future without their best friends who always welcome them with their tails held high. The worst thing that can cross their mind is knowing what will happen to them when they pass away and/or some sort of imminent event happens.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow or in the coming weeks, so some researchers have come up with some scenarios that analyze the behavior that dogs would do in a world without humans. Considering the study of Jessica Pierce and Mark BekoffIn this article, scientists from Princeton University specified what role these animals would play and how they might survive in the absence of people.

Data: The ACV states that 20% of the world‘s canids live as pets, while the remaining 80% are farmers, strays or wild.

Man puts seven dogs on a dirt tray, parked in the background.
Man puts seven dogs on a dirt tray, parked in the background.

Firstly, it is specified that, dogs, being the closest pets to people, they would have a greater chance of survival on the planet, bearing in mind that, following their instincts and smells, they would know where to find food, water, shelter, Where to find among other items.

Following this principle, they would have a definite advantage in these types of situations. ,The exhaustion of human food resources would represent the most significant survival challenge for dogs, as they are behaviorally resilient, and their diet, which is quite common, probably They could survive on a wide range of foods, from plants and insects to small mammals and birds. Even some big dams. Their eating plan depends on their habitat, their size and their body shape.

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according to experts, The disappearance of humans won’t hold back in domesticating them, so that they do not lose it. What may happen is that they adopt a wild profile, as they do not have any restrictions other than to live with other species.

How we interact with our dogs influencing their intellectual development
Long haired Dachshund sleeping in bed with his mother
Long haired Dachshund sleeping in bed with his mother

Dr. Juan Enrique Romero says that if we respect the individual abilities of the species and take into account their biological antecedents, we will ensure that we do not compare ourselves to the flying abilities of fish and rabbits . Each different species shows an alternative way of looking at the world.

Sometimes we are so close to our dogs that it is sometimes difficult to remember how different we are, understanding and respecting that difference is the most decisive step in improving our communication.

that interspecific communication is perhaps the greatest reward life can give us, Being the closest to our dog, understanding it is crucial to enjoying it.

All this is achieved through the practice of love, through good behavior, through emotional intelligence, through the awakening of cognitive abilities, of which we all have a part as sentient, sentient and suffering beings. Together, they improve communication, optimize outcomes and generate empathy as the start of a good relationship.

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