“What’s the smell of fetid in the whole city?”: residents of Lyon reported “the smell of the dead” in different parts of the city

U.S.A."What's the smell of fetid in the whole city?":...


On this Wednesday night, November 24, residents of the city of León, Guanajuato, They reported foul smell in different parts of the city.

Reports collected by local newspaper am, Indicated that a strong odor was felt in the colonies La Obregón, San Jose El Alto, Rinconada del Sur, San Pedro Plus, Jardins de San Sebastian and Fracianmiento Guadalupe.

It was also mentioned that they were considered El Cosillo, Penitas, Villa de Santa Julia, Outlet Area, Villa de la Gloria, San Juan Bosco, San Isidro, Delta 2000, Loma Bonita, La Oriental and La Azteca.

Descriptions of odors were varied, with some noting that it smelled of “urine”, “dead dog”, “burnt garbage”, “feedlot” or even “urine”.dead body,

“What’s the smell in the whole city? Attentive civil defense and firefighters, let’s not be a jerkOne user wrote on Twitter. “If you smell the fetid smell that invades Leon tonight, it means you don’t have covid,” wrote another.

“Hasn’t any smell reached you in recent weeks, like a dead dog or something like that?” The third user asked.

At around 6:00 pm on Wednesday, Imme Zeitz wrote the first report on the epidemic that had invaded the city. In a post on Facebook, he explained in detail where the smell came from. Boulevard Juan Jose Torres Landa at the height of the Guadalupe subdivision.

“This is not the first time, often in the meadow at the height of the Landa towers and usually at 7 or 8 o’clock at night the smell of a dead animal has been felt”.

A user in the Obregón neighborhood said the smell was due to waste being dumped by tanneries into the city’s rivers. “People who work in tanneries say that They light the bait and do it late in the evening so that the smoke is not visible,

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,this is the second time i remember it smelled like this, Today I felt it from Libramiento and Hilario Medina to Valtierra and when I reached San Francisco de Assis. And it smells like something burnt and so disgusting, I really hope someone can help and say what it is so we can all complain about it,” wrote another user on Facebook .

The Ministry of Public Security and the Municipality of Leon, despite the fact that several reports were made of a strong odor in the unique 911 emergency system, He has not commented on the matter.

The alarms in the city come in a context in which Guanajuato ranks as the state with the most intentional homicide in the country, stemming from a territorial dispute between criminal groups.

Official data shows he was murdered in the state from January to September 20212,655 people, a figure that represents 10.4% of the registered people across the country.

These figures indicate that Guanajuato has Rate of murder victims per 100,000 inhabitants 42.47, which is more than double the national average, which is 19.69 murders per 100,000 people.

Mexico has recorded two of the most violent years in its history during the first two years of the presidency, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, With 34,689 murder victims in 2019 and 34,558 in 2020.

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