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PARIS – Sergio Ramos seems to be waiting for the time to make his debut with Paris Saint Germain (PSG). Coach Mauricio Pochettino said the former Real Madrid defender had made rapid progress in terms of his fitness.

Ramos was previously reported to have participated in training with the PSG squad ahead of the 14th week match against Nantes at the Parc Des Princess, Saturday (20/11/2021) night WIB. In addition, he has also regularly participated in training for the past three weeks.

That means, PSG fans will soon see Ramos’ debut with PSG. This will certainly be an unusual sight when Lionel Messi is on the same field with his former nemesis to bring his team to victory.

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“A World Cup winner like Sergio Ramos, with his competitive level and mentality, will find it difficult to accept the fact that he is not playing as much as he would like, but he is very resilient,” said Pochettino.

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“He is working very hard, and we think he is making good progress. We have to be patient, and he has done it. It refers to his maturity, so we think he can return to the squad soon,” continued the former Tottenham Hotspur coach.

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For your information, Ramos has suffered a thigh muscle injury since his arrival from Real Madrid. The Spaniard was unable to play in his first 13 Ligue 1 matches, but Pochetino says the long-awaited wait for Ramos’ minutes has finally come.

*He has fully trained three times this week. He copes well with the workload and this is an important step to get closer to the competition,” said Pochettino.


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