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When the silent killer comes knocking on your door, you need to see the difference in pancreatic cancer treatment

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Pancreatic cancer is called the silent killer because pancreatic cancer tends to occur silently, it is usually discovered at an advanced stage, and the fatality rate is quite high. even most cancers are the first choiceOperationThere is no way to cure it. Dr. Luo Shaoqiao of the Taichung Veterans General Hospital’s Department of General Surgery reports that 40% of people who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer develop distant metastases, and 40 % are metastases due to pancreatic cancer.tumorThe cells invade arteries and veins, which are not amenable to surgical operation, and only 20% of patients can finally receive surgical treatment.

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“Unfortunately, the vast majority of patients who get surgery regress.” Dr. Luo ShaoQiao clearly said that about 70% of pancreatic cancer patients recover again about 1 year after surgery. The road to treatment for cancer of the pancreas is a difficult one, and it is a reality that both the public and physicians must see clearly.

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Pancreatic cancer has its limits in the success of drug treatment, so surgery is the main treatment method that is generally implemented. Patients usually need a lot of time to restore their vitality after surgery, and their quality of life will also decline. Before his physical fitness has recovered to a certain level, it will be difficult to continue chemotherapy to prevent recurrence. Many patients also suffer from this. Post-operative complications. The disease has gone away.

JapanThe attitude towards pancreatic cancer treatment is very different from Taiwan. Dr. Luo ShaoQiao pointed out that the treatment guideline for pancreatic cancer in the Japanese medical field is to use chemotherapy as the main treatment before surgery. And there is a chance to shrink the tumor, and after the course of treatment is completed, resection is performed. Both complement each other, and finally, postoperative chemotherapy to prevent recurrence is a recognized treatment strategy for pancreatic cancer in Japanese medical circles since 2019.

“Pancreatic cancer is not the first cancer to adopt preoperative chemotherapy. In breast cancer and gastric cancer, it has gradually become a mainstream practice and has been practiced in Taiwan for many years. Dr. Luo acknowledged that although Preoperative chemotherapy is not the same as surgical resection, it can eliminate many “cancer seeds” scattered throughout the body by seeing the immediate result of removing tumor cells, which are difficult to detect by inspection and unexplained bombs in the future. Will become.

Why is preoperative chemotherapy so important? The key point, Dr. Luo pointed out, is because patients have different response rates to each chemotherapy drug. Before surgery, when the tolerability of chemotherapy is relatively high, find a drug with a better drug response. If the timing is wrong, you will avoid doing the wrong thing. More importantly, patients can see the effect of chemotherapy, and postoperative chemotherapy will also maintain a more optimistic and positive attitude, and they will have higher compliance with doctor’s orders. which can bring better results of treatment.

Dr. Luo shared that many patients with pancreatic cancer believe that direct surgery is the best treatment method, but there are not many cases where patients are unable to tolerate follow-up treatment due to the painful surgery after surgery , or fails to receive chemotherapy. desired effect. A small number of people have suffered in vain from surgery but cannot see the end of the disease, and have made great sacrifices but still cannot regain a good quality of life.

“It’s very sad and a pity. In fact, chemotherapy can be communicated.” Doctor. Luo agreed with Japanese treatment guidelines for pancreatic cancer. Nowadays, the medical treatment of side effects of chemotherapy has become more and more mastered. Therefore, the public is urged to be more open to preoperative or postoperative chemotherapy. For the good

Dr. Luo said that surgery for pancreatic cancer is not about “swinging the bat when you see the ball coming”, but about “being well prepared and hitting the ball well”. . The ultimate goal of pancreatic cancer treatment is not a complete cure, but to provide patients with a good quality of life. “Every patient with cancer of the pancreas deserves to be treated well.” The way to prolong the survival rate is not surgery alone, but finding the most appropriate strategy and the best combination of treatments. This is why Dr. Luo practicing pancreatic cancer surgery at Taichung Veterans General Hospital has a 90-day survival rate of 98%, which is higher than the international high standard of 95%.

Doctors appeal to patients to slow down the pace of pancreatic cancer treatment. First, please ask the attending physician to clearly confirm the tumor stage, and then strengthen the communication between doctors and patients to formulate an appropriate treatment strategy. If you need to undergo preoperative chemotherapy, you don’t need to worry too much. Front-line chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer is subsidized by health insurance, and the economy is not affordable. I hope patients try to take a positive outlook and look at the various pancreatic cancer treatments.

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