Which side of the world has the most severe port congestion? Average time in Hong Kong is 2.12 days in Shanghai, 7.8 days in the West US

Chinese media reported that the port of Shanghai was severely blocked, but the Shanghai Port Group denied this. The picture shows the Shanghai Yangshan port terminal. Xinhua

return to workOne of the key indicators for resumption of production is whether the port can operate smoothly. According to some media reports, ShanghaiEpidemicPrevention and control has worsened port congestion, but the “Shipping Transaction Bulletin” (hereinafter referred to as “Communique”) issued by China’s Ministry of Transport on the evening of the 12th shows that in April The broad service level of major ports in China remained stable, while major ports in Europe and the United States remained in port. Time increases.

Ship time in port refers to the total time between the arrival of the ship at anchor at port and the completion of loading and unloading operations and leaving the berth. This indicator can reflect the comprehensive efficiency of port facilities and equipment, pilotage, scheduling, loading and unloading, collection and distribution, port customs clearance, etc.; And the berthing time of the ship means the total time from the arrival of the ship to the berth. Loading and unloading operations for the completion of the operation and leaving the berth. This indicator mainly reflects the loading and unloading efficiency of the port during the berthing period.

The bulletin shows that the average time of ships in port and berthing in Chinese ports in April was 1.80 days (1.78 days in the previous period) and 1.07 days (1.10 days in the previous period), basically the same as the previous period. And the average berthing time of ships in port (3.30 days, 2.40 days) is better than other 11 foreign majors.

Among them, the average time in Shanghai port was 2.12 days, an annual decrease of 34.0%. Major ports on the west coast of the United States have longer average times in port,port of los angelesand Long Beach Port are 7.80 days and 6.98 days respectively. Average stay times at other European and US ports have also increased. The average stay times for ships at New York Port and Hamburg Port were 3.88 days and 4.19 days, respectively, an annual increase of 67.2% and 92.2%.

In fact, since the outbreak of the pandemic, the situation at ports in the United States has become dire. In addition to the fact that dock workers and freight drivers have been unable to work because of the pandemic, the U.S. There are also West Coast dock workers and cargo handling companies that have recently engaged in labor-management negotiations. The risk has not yet subsided.

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