White House denies another shutdown of economy despite rise in Covid-19 infections

U.S.A.White House denies another shutdown of economy despite rise...

Jeff Ziants, coordinator of the White House response to the pandemic

The United States government on Monday denied new confinement or closure of economic activities, despite the rebound in Covid-19 cases.

Coordinator of the White House’s response to the pandemic, Jeff Ziants was asked at a press conference whether the US was considering sanctions such as Austria or a partial shutdown of its economy and replied that the country was not going in that direction.

In this sense, he said that The US has other “tools” to curb the pandemic.A, such as booster vaccines or monoclonal antibody treatment.

“We can stop the spread of the virus without following that path by shutting down our economyZiants, who recalled that at least 82% of people in the US have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

“We should use the equipment we have and get as many people vaccinated to keep people safe without going back in any way. It’s under our control”said the person in charge.

However, Zients insisted that these kinds of decisions are made locally in the US.

Infections are on the rise again in the US, which this week celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday, the date on which the country records more trips.

The country, the worst-hit country by the coronavirus in the world, has recorded more than 47.8 million cases and more than 772,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, United States.

Day one of vaccination against Kovid-19 in America
Day one of vaccination against Kovid-19 in America

About Austria, European Country

officially entered confinement after midnight this Monday, a serious measure that sparked protests over the weekend, in countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands, where there were protest against sanctions by covid-19.

READ MORE  The German health minister warned from the record of infections: "By the end of winter, almost everyone will be vaccinated, cured or will die."

Vienna seemed like a dead city, where Shops, restaurants, Christmas markets, concert halls and hairdressers dropped the curtains. Except schools, there was silence in the rest of the country including the capital on Monday.

As in the previous imprisonment, there were theoretically 8.9 million Austrians.There is a ban on leaving your home except to shop, play sports or get medical attention. Going to the office and taking children to school is also allowed, but officials called on the population to stay at home.

“We need decisive action,” said environmentalist Wolfgang Mückstein, the health minister, justifying the stronger sanctions, and recalled that “the staff at UCIS are at the border, they can no longer.”

In an interview with public television the minister insisted last night, “We must reduce contacts (among citizens) by at least 30%, we need hospital capacity for all, we need a medium-term approach. is required.” ORF,

“The situation is a bit confusing,” says Vienna resident Katherine Poser, after dropping off her 11- and 9-year-old daughters, both recently vaccinated at school.

Since the advent of anti-coronavirus vaccines and mass vaccination, no EU country has dared to impose a new lockdown.,

The measures announced on Friday in the face of a spike in infections found a resonance in other parts of Europe, with major protests in the Netherlands and Belgium, among other countries.

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