Who is Victoria Rodriguez Seja, AMLO’s proposal to become Governor of Bank of Mexico

U.S.A.Who is Victoria Rodriguez Seja, AMLO's proposal to become...

The Ministry of Finance and Public Debt (SHCP), still undersecretary of the ouster of Victoria Rodriguez Ceja, will be proposed by President Andres Manuel López Obrador as the new governor of the Bank of Mexico. (Photo: Daniele Augusto / Kurtoscuro)

This Wednesday, President Andres Manuel López Obrador confirms he will propose a Present Under Secretary, Expenditure, Ministry of Finance and Public Debt, Victoria Rodriguez Seja, to be Next Governor of Banco de Mexico (Banco),

According to the president, Victoria Rodriguez is in charge of managing public investments and has acted “with great responsibility.”

,we want women to participate, identifying the work you did to make this change Expenditure Secretary, who is doing very well with an exemplary performanceis in charge of managing public investments, and acted with great responsibility of not spending, It is because of him that we have financial stability, which has not taken recourse to additional debt. he is a very good public servant, He will head the Bank of Mexico for the first time for a woman”, he emphasized.

Photo: Andrea Murcia / Kurtoscuro / Archive
Photo: Andrea Murcia / Kurtoscuro / Archive

The head of the federal executive insisted that Rodriguez Seja meets the requirements of the head of the central bank, such as having financial experience or holding a high position in the government related to finance matters.

When asked about a Arturo Herrera. Possible faults committed by In order to withdraw his offer to become governor of Banxos, López Obrador rejected it as it had happened.

,no None. We want them to always be better and show with facts that women are given participation”, she confirmed.

On Tuesday, November 23, the Journalistic Editions indicated that Senate committees’ proposal for Arturo Herrera to head the Bank of Mexico for three months had been withdrawn. But, he confirmation This came from the leader of Morena’s bench in the Upper House, ricardo monreal, who said that the President had withdrawn the appointment.

later, your Herrera Gutierrez reveals that for a week, the president informed him what was decided reconsider your appointment In front of the Bank of Mexico.

Photo: Daniele Augusto / Kurtoscuro / Archive
Photo: Daniele Augusto / Kurtoscuro / Archive

He has a degree in economics from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) and a master’s degree in economics from the Colegio de México (Colmex). It specializes in the field of Public finance in budgetary, financial and credit matters,

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He was Under Secretary of Expenditure for the Government of Mexico City during the administration of Miguel Angel Mancera and was part of the team of the former Secretary of the Treasury, Carlos Urzua 18 years ago, when Andres Manuel López Obrador, head of government of the capital.

She was also an advisor to the Secretary of Finance, Director of Credit at the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Mexico City, and Director of Finance at CDMX Metro.

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Photo: Daniele Augusto / Kurtoscuro / Archive
Photo: Daniele Augusto / Kurtoscuro / Archive

Rodriguez Ceja was proposed as the head of the Finance Budget Control Unit in the incoming López Obrador government. But already in the government, she became the Under-Secretary of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, a position she held till this Wednesday.

You have a task in the situation Design spending for López Obrador’s social events, who are one of the central axes of his government,

On 8 September, Rodriguez Ceja became the first woman to deliver the project of the Federation Expenditure Budget (PEF) 2022 to the Senate of the Republic, when the protocol establishes that it corresponds to the head of the branch (Rogelio Ramírez d’O). , apart from the fact that it was first received not by the presidency of the Senate, but by the vice president of that chamber.

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