Why accepting a loan against a GPS in your vehicle can lead to extortion

U.S.A.Why accepting a loan against a GPS in your...

The company is called “Grow Reachs More” in sights (Photo: Pixabay)

To avoid paying “high” interest rates, many people find it necessary. Ask for loans in unauthorized establishments Who can get caught in a trap.

and does he new form of fraud has emerged in recent months in Mexico City, where criminal Call for attractive credit people in debt, but they ask for a self as a guarantee And then they disappear.

In a case presented by journalist Carlos Jimenez News broadcast, it was reported that an aggrieved company had gone to the facilities “Grow Up Reach More”, located on the Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City, to receive credit for 100,000 pesos That they had “authorized” him and thus solved his financial problems.

There was only one condition: to carry out this movement, he asked them give up your vehicle instead (an orange Honda model) up to two days “Setting up GPS” To find you and guarantee your monthly payment. However, when he returned to the luxurious property they denied her access and when he contacted one of the employees he told him if he wanted his vehicle back 10,000 pesos to be paid.

Officers detain a woman after cheating (Screenshot: Twitter / News)
Officers detain a woman after cheating (Screenshot: Twitter / News)

With no money and no vehicle, he decided to check the social network, he realized that His car was already being sold through Facebook, He then reported the incidents to the authorities, who contacted the seller to investigate the matter.

investigative police (PDI) took up the matter and managed to arrest a woman, who was identified as Merlin, 25 years old, who was caught in possession of a car parked on the streets Colonia San Lorenzo Iztapalapa Mayor’s Office.

It is now in the premises of the Attorney General’s Office (fgj-cdmx) to continue the investigation of this and other possible cases.

The best part is to go to the most recognized banks irrespective of the interest rates (Photo: EFE)
The best part is to go to the most recognized banks irrespective of the interest rates (Photo: EFE)

NS loss of employment or accumulation of debt There are factors that facilitate the work of fraudsters, as announced by the Cyber ​​Police Unit of the Secretariat of Civil Defense (SSC) who, using economic necessity, have identified malicious advertising, apocryphal Internet pages and newspaper advertisements fake instant loan in order to steal their money.

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Therefore, the population is called upon to be vigilant and not to fall into this type of company, which is not duly registered. Hence, (National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services) CONDUSEF does the following recommendations To prevent this type of fraud from continuing:

– If financing is required, you must verify the identity and registration of the company or institution with Condusafe. It is much safer to go to duly authorized institutions.

Don’t be fooled by the apparent speed in lending.

– If you are not sure if this is a serious company, do not provide personal documents or credit or debit card information.

– Before paying commission for management expenses, ensure the viability of the credit.

For any additional questions or queries please contact CONDUSF by phone 01 800 999 80-80 Or, visit our website www.condusef.gob.mx, you can also follow us on Twitter: @CondusefMX.

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