Why Canelo’s fight against Ilunga Makabu could be canceled

U.S.A.Why Canelo's fight against Ilunga Makabu could be canceled

Canelo Alvarez could not face Macabu at Thabiso Machunu’s request (Photo: Instagram @ilungamakabu.official // @canelo // Twitter @Power987Sport)

Saul’s Judgment Canelo To win the Cruiserweight title against Alvarez member macaboo This has raised hopes in Mexican sports. Although the World Boxing Council (CMB) has allowed the two fighters to meet over the ring in May or June of the following year, Has a constraint that can cancel or modify plans Those who have been raised for war. A challenger who doesn’t think to give up before the interests of Guadalajara.

Thabiso Machunu, an athlete in the 200-pound class, claimed responsibility on the sporting scene after learning of the news about a confrontation between the Mexicans and the Congolese. Sean Smith, the coach of the South African boxer, came out to declare that his disciple He was not satisfied with the plan they had made without first consulting him, since the legal position favors him and places him as a mandatory challenger to the world title CMB,

“We are the inevitable challengers of Ilunga (…) Macaboo has an obligation to defend the title against Thabiso. Don King has not confirmed the date or location. Now, at the WBC convention, Canelo Alvarez’s coach and manager, Eddie Reynoso, arrived and requested Jr. to fight. Almost immediately it was announced that the proposal had been accepted.”, he assured the beach Soweton Live,

Thabiso Machunu will claim his right to challenge Makabu at cruiserweight (Photo: Twitter / @boxingscene)
Thabiso Machunu will claim his right to challenge Makabu at cruiserweight (Photo: Twitter / @boxingscene)

Machunu has played 28 matches in his entire professional career. However, it was not until 23rd win, against Russian Evgeny Tishchenko, when The body headed by Mauricio Suleiman added the required score to allow him to be considered the preferred challenger for the title. Ilunga Makabu achieved against Polish Michal Sislak in January 2020.

Currently, a. with 23 wins and five losses in their history, as well as a large number of regional titles, is located in Thabiso Machunu. 6th place in your circle, According to ESPN, Similarly, if a mandatory duel is specified, this would not be the first time the two characters would face each other. They first saw each other in 2015, when Makabu won 11 rounds by knockout.

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Hence the South African boxer’s team Will seek revenge on the natives of the Democratic Republic of the CongoHowever, this time he could win his first world title. In that sense, Smith confirmed that he would not exchange any sports merit received for any amount. “We want to fight Ilunga and win the WBC title (…) We are training, but obviously Thabisco needs to know what happens.”

Canelo will seek the title in his fifth class against Makabu (Photos: Instagram @canelo / @ilungamakabu.official)
Canelo will seek the title in his fifth class against Makabu (Photos: Instagram @canelo / @ilungamakabu.official)

According to his statements, the WBC’s confirmation about a fight between Canelo and Macaboo caused a surprise in his team. In addition, he assured that in the first negotiations for a mandatory trial, he proposed that Macaboo would defend his title against South Africa in January 2022. However, his promoter assured that he would not be ready by then. “I will address this issue immediately,” threatened Smith.

After winning all 168-pound belts, Canelo Alvarez presented a new challenge in his career. He holds the record for being the first Mexican, as well as leading super middleweight, to have won the Undisputed Championship and World Championship in four different categories. In that sense, challenged the Maccabees He would like to be crowned in his fifth weight category.

Although the WBC has already notified the approval of the lawsuit through its official website, Mauricio Suleiman warned Canelo about the risk present during such an initial transition from one peso to another. However, the Mexican boxer said he was aware of this and upheld his decision. Challenge the 4th Best Cruiserweight Boxer in present.

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