Why Dallas and Detroit Always Play the NFL During Thanksgiving

U.S.A.Why Dallas and Detroit Always Play the NFL During...

Both teams embark on an adventure in search of popularity (Photo: Instagram: @dallascowboys / @detroitlinsnfl)

it’s already eve Thanksgiving Day in the United States. A day that is more important to some than Christmas. In the seventeenth century, every fourth Thursday in November, families held a meeting to give thanks for their freedom, home, and food. But it’s also a day when They can enjoy some NFL games.

Within the most important leagues of American football, there is also a tradition to this day and it features the two teams with the longest histories within the grid: Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys.

First registration of either of the two teams with attendance in Thank you This 1934. is fromThe Lions, whatever their mark on the season, always show up to play that day.

The tradition was born as a move from Ohio to Detroit. Due to their recent arrival in a city located in the eastern United States, the baseball team, Tiger, had the greatest support of residents and more after gaining American League Championship in 1934, The Lions, so far, were aiming to take 15,000 fans away from the Tigers if they play in a single day.

Detroit has gained popularity within the NFL (Photo: Scott Galvin/Reuters)
Detroit has gained popularity within the NFL (Photo: Scott Galvin/Reuters)

that’s why The owner of the US team, George A. RichardsThe idea was to set up a party on Thanksgiving Day. Thanks to his influences, and being the owner of a radio station in Detroit, he convinced NBC To be able to broadcast the game on the most important day for the country in 94 stations across the country.

This idea, which at first seemed far-fetched, came to fruition. On that occasion, Detroit faced The Chicago Bears and West would define the division leader. Since then the lions have been at the forefront of the tradition of playing that day.

However, the Lions did not appear for that engagement from 1939 to 1944. In 1939 and 1940, NFL Chosen philadelphia Eagles To dispute the match. And from 1940 to 1944, the game was not programmed for reasons of World War II.

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The History of Cowboys on Thanksgiving It was born about thirty years after Detroit and did so under the idea of ​​being able to gain more popularity. The Cowboys’ first appearance came in 1966. At first, the idea seemed daunting, as it was believed that two games could top out on such a particular day.

The Boys are one of the most popular teams in the United States and Mexico (Photo: Tim Hetman/Reuters)
The Boys are one of the most popular teams in the United States and Mexico (Photo: Tim Hetman/Reuters)

tex sram, the general manager of the franchise at the time, saw the game as an opportunity to publicize the Tom Landry-led team around the world. Schramm confirmed the Lone Star team for the day, even though, contrary to the NFL’s recommendation, he was the one who assigned a percentage of league income if fans did not show the assets where the game was played. Will go

Although The Cotton Bowl wore over 80,000 fans in its stand When boys They defeated the Cleveland Browns and that’s where they became the second-highest-attended team among festivities. However, on two occasions they could not be determined on that date, The league selected the St. Louis Cardinals to play the game in 1975 and 1977.

For this 2021, Detroit will have to measure themselves in forces, from their home, against the Chicago Bears. The Lions team has not won a single match so far this season. Whereas the Cowboys would like to get back on the winning track and host the Raiders.

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