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Why is Haoshi Duoyu Pengxi, a Chinese girl in Los Angeles County, willing to pay even though she knows she’s been duped?

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Alhambra, Los Angeles Countycostco(Costco) mass market, a recent phenomenonChinese girlPangsi incident; Claiming to be injured, a man suddenly came out from under the car to demand money. The Chinese woman was at a loss on the spot, so she had no choice but to give the cash to the other party, “She took 20 yuan and fled without a trace.”

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Ms. Chen from Arcadia City described a recent incident that happened to a friend. She said that a few days ago all of a sudden she got a call from her friend, saying she was in the Costco parking lot in Arcadia and that she was in big trouble. “My friend was very worried on the phone and asked me what to do.” Ms. Chen recalled, “He said that a man suddenly got out from under his car and asked him to ask for money. The man came aggressively.”

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According to Ms. Chen’s description, the Chinese woman took her young child to Costco to shop that day. As she was about to leave the parking lot after shopping, she suddenly saw a Hispanic man pass by in the mirror. When she was about to start the car, the man came out from under the car and asked her for money.

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Faced with such a situation, the Chinese woman was at a loss, while the Hispanic man claimed he was injured and demanded immediate compensation. At that moment, Ms. Chen received a call from a friend for help. “When I heard it, I knew it was Pengxi, but my friend over there was very nervous. She had another baby with her, and she was worried that the second baby party would harm her and her baby.” The chain woman suggested calling the police immediately, but the friend made the final decision to give the Hispanic man the money, “He didn’t have any cash, only a few tens of dollars. Get out of sight and out of sight as quickly as possible.” “

“My friend later told me that although he knew that the other party was swindling money, he was very scared and felt that it would be better to lose money and end up in disaster.” Regarding what happened to her friend, Ms. Chen said, “Now that the world is getting more and more chaotic, even in a good market, be careful, and when driving, you should look around first.” Should and should see if there is anyone under the car.

SugarSimilar incidents like Pingsi are often discussed on social media. Some Chinese people said that they too had a similar experience. “I said I didn’t bring the cash, but the other party asked me to go to the bank to withdraw money for him. This is exaggeration.”

Regarding such incidents, some people suggested not to let the other side succeed. “These scammers are specifically targeting Chinese people, thinking that the Chinese are cowards and cowards, and one thing is worse than another. Once they succeed, they will commit crimes.” It is very easy to swindle money again and again.” More people suggested that when faced with such incidents, they should call the police as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to let the other party feel that there is an opportunity.

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A man suddenly emerges from under the car to demand money, claiming that he was hit. (Schematic diagram, photo by reporter Shao Min)

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