Why Not Seek Vision? Elizabeth Olsen’s Answer to Doctor Strange 2

Elizabeth Olsen’s “Doctor Strange 2: The Runaway Multiverse” struggles to get her twin sons back. (Provided by Disney)

Elizabeth Olsen in new film “strangeDoctor 2: Out of Control Multiverse” once again played the role of “Scarlet Witch” Wanda, this time playing an important role, some netizens found that she mentioned the name “Vision” only once in the film, but The entire film was for twins. I wondered if my husband Vision could help, which aroused curiosity. In a recent interview with Elizabeth Olsen, she said that the character’s initial setting included the puzzle part, butMoviesWithout elaboration, “in another universe, she is a single mother”.

Elizabeth Olsson explained in an interview with “Collider” that in another parallel universe, twin sons are the most important, so there would be no “vision” in another universe, “in fact, there are still many people who should mention ‘Like my brother, my parents, but I think the main reason is that in that version of the universe, Wanda wasn’t with the Vision again, and for some reason the Vision wasn’t in her world,” said Elizabeth . In that universe Wanda was more of a stay-at-home mom, “they got divorced and they split, so there’s a reason she didn’t wear a wedding ring.”

Elizabeth also said that she liked the concept of Wanda raising children alone, “After all, when you’re a mom, the most important thing in the world is your kids, and I think once you’re a mom, If you go, losing a child is harder than what you’ve experienced. Everything’s still painful.” Although she didn’t add why Wanda didn’t seek the Vision in the main universe of 616, these words From this it becomes clear that after becoming a mother, she believed that children were more important, so would not take the initiative to see this illusion in “Doctor Strange 2”.

by Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen explained in an interview with “Collider” that in another parallel universe, twin sons are the most important. (Provided by Disney)

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