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A new app called Push it, which has the ability to send “push notifications” to friends, has become the number one app in the App Store. There are only two screenshots in this app. One is a large red button and the other is a black and red screen with the text “Sending”. Many people who have installed this app haven’t been able to use it yet. So why is this app number one in five countries?

It turns out that Push it is the latest app created by the people who created the Snapchat platform app, Send it (with AR games and anonymous Q & A capabilities).

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To understand what Push it is, you need to know about the company’s original app, Send it.

Sendit is a popular app, especially among young people, and is steadily attracting Snapchat users who use it to play games and talk with friends. To date, Sendit has been downloaded 9 million times worldwide, generating nearly $ 3 million in personal consumption, according to Sensor Tower data.

Sendit has recently been installed by millions of new users following Snapchat’s suspension of Sendit’s biggest rivals, YOLO and LMK. The two apps, YOLO and LMK, are being sued by the boy’s mother in court after the boy who was using them was bullied by another anonymous user and committed suicide. Sendit also offers anonymous features such as a “listen to anything” game that encourages friends to ask questions without revealing who they are, but so far it hasn’t fallen into the fate of YOLO and LMK. I live in.

Some negative reviews of Sendit also mention bullying, but Snapchat hasn’t taken action yet. When TechCrunch asked Snapchat about its policies for anonymous apps for minors, the company has just hired a global head of platform security and is reviewing the app ecosystem and policies. It was about.

In addition, some Sendit users seem to believe that the app uses a bot that displays questions that friends should never have asked.

One user wrote in an app store review:

The app will randomly send you fake / automated questions. For example, I and my friends are all in the middle of 20, but they are all exactly the same, asking “Are you misanthropic?” “Who is the best person to copy your homework?” Have been received.

There is also such a review.

Some of the questions I received can be confident that they weren’t from a friend I know. I’m pretty sure this is a fake from the AI. They are random, cheesy questions that no one asks, “If you were to survive the end of a zombie-filled world and build your own team, who would you choose to be a member of that team?” It’s ridiculous and no one asks this question. Make a real app.

Hunter Rice, the founder of Sendit, said the bot wasn’t involved. He also disagrees with the idea that Sendit is accepted by teenagers because of anonymity.

“Our users are attracted to Sendit because of a great AR experience. Our mission and what we feel and aim for is to reduce friction when enlivening conversations with friends. It’s a new way. We’ve found a very attractive format through these AR games, which is the magic behind Sendit and why Sendit is so successful, “Rice explains. ..

Today, Sendit offers games for younger generations, such as “Never Have I Ever” and “Truth or Dare.” At Sendit, users can ask questions such as “Who do you think suits me?” Or “Confessions-please tell me who you like” “Compatibility test” and other teenagers want to talk to their friends. We provide something that reflects such content,

Similarly, according to Rice, the new app Push it offers a new way to distract conversations.

However, it’s not a promising AR lens game or Q & A for Snapchat, but a basic tool that sends notifications directly to your friend’s iPhone.

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“We found a great format in these AR interactions through Sendit, and it’s going well, so let’s duplicate this same mechanism using a different format. I thought, “says Rice.

Although not clear from the app store’s barely-needed list, the new app offers a basic follower / following model, where users are the app and everyone who subscribes to it. You can send push notifications to. Like Sendit, these followers can respond to the notification and start a one-on-one conversation.

Rice and colleagues suspect that this style of communication will be accepted by groups of friends, creators and brands.

When using Push it, the app requires full access to the address book database on the user’s iphone. It also provides a tool to invite friends by text message. An “OK” button appears next to the name of the friend who needs the invitation, and when you press it, text is created to invite the friend (the app sends the text to the people in the user’s address book). I’m not sure if it’s a random choice from the name).

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With increasing momentum for privacy protection and the infestation of app invitation spam, SMS-based growth mechanisms are generally not considered good. Fortunately, however, Push it doesn’t send automatic text to your friends, it just encourages you to send text to your friends (although the app’s privacy policy does not use your personal information. It has no effect on relieving anxiety about what is happening. Reading the policy makes it clear that the data will be used for marketing purposes and shared with Push it vendors and business partners).

The app also enthusiastically asks users for 5-star reviews. When a user taps the star icon, a pop-up window will appear, promising to send a “special message” to users who have given Push it a five-star rating in the app store.

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Push it’s iOS app was released on the App Store in late October, but was previously being prepared under the name “Project Red,” according to Sensor Tower data. As of last night, it was available in some markets, including Australia and California. Seeing the app already number one raises the suspicion that its launch may be heavily dependent on pre-launch marketing or the now commonplace growth hack. (See also this article. Popparazzi, the top of the spring charts, made this app number one by Growth Hack).

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But Rice denies this.

“All the push it enthusiasm is spontaneous,” Rice said, but he still admits that the company used social media to promote the app’s launch. For example, Push it’s Instagram account currently has about 32,000 followers.

However, according to Sensor Tower data, Push it has already spread rapidly in five countries at the time of writing, making it number one in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, Ireland and Norway. The company says. It is also in the top 10 in the UK, Netherlands, Australia, Finland and New Zealand (it should be noted that many of these countries are not listed as launch markets on Push it’s Instagram Instagram). ..

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It’s strange that Push it is number one because the app basically doesn’t work in areas that aren’t yet available (including most states in the United States at the time of writing). Users can request a username from the app, but that’s it. And users have to wait for the app to be available in their area.

According to Rice, the step-by-step deployment strategy is to ensure that Push it can handle traffic, but this seems to be confusing among many users. .. There are comments on Instagram such as “Hey, when will it work?”, “What’s this useful for?”, And “It’s super confusing and laughs.”

“We’re trying to roll out the app in a smooth way that gives users the best possible experience. We want everyone to have access to the app, and that’s about to happen soon. We also want to make sure our servers continue to work, “Rice said.

Push it and Send it are made up of a small team of 10 people from Santa Monica-based Fullsenders, Inc. The company hasn’t disclosed its funding sources, but TechCrunch was able to correctly guess at least one of the angel investors involved.

The future challenge for Push it is whether it can maintain its current high rank in the app store. It’s usually difficult for new social apps to maintain a high rank, whether or not they increase their downloads in a natural way or not. Also, social media for minors and early teens is expected to be regulated in the future, and Push it must work to address such regulations. If Push it gains momentum, it may be necessary to rethink its privacy policy and revenue model.

However, Push it will not be profitable for the time being.

“We now just want to create a great community, great features that users want to get involved with, and if we can offer a valuable product, we can come up with the most suitable business model for us. I think we can do that, “said Rice.

Push it is only compatible with iOS.

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